Some New Skin Care Items

I have been trying really, really hard to take care of my skin for a few years now. When I was pregnant with Wallace I had terrible breakouts and extremely dry skin; not sure how that combo worked. I felt like I tried every product and nothing helped, but I blamed it, and still do, and weird things that happen when one is pregnant. Since then my skin has done pretty well and I luckily only get break outs when I’m stressed out. However, I have noticed that my skin has been getting extremely dry lately and my normal moisturizer just isn’t cutting it.


I recently tried two products and feel that one helped while the other did okay. The first is Clinique’s Take the Day off Cleansing Oil. This at first appeared to be a face wash that was a make up remover, and it sort of is. You use 1-2 pumps and apply to your dry face and rub in a circular motion. and rinse, “this powerful oil dissolves all traces of makeup and impurities. It easily glides on and rinses off cleanly with water, leaving no residue behind.” Once I started using this product I noticed the dry spots around my nose and chin were no longer an issue AND the oil didn’t cause me to break out.

The second product is called Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask.  The mask comes in a white box lined with super cute watermelon print. The mask itself is a gel like consistency and yes, it does smell like watermelon, but the scent is subtle and smells really good.  The box states the mask is good for uneven skin tone, dullness and uneven texture,  and oiliness.  Instructions state to use it as an overnight mask (it’s “pillow proof”) or you can use it as a regular mask and just apply a thicker layer.


My cousin Sarah told my sister about this overnight face mask and said it worked really well for her and her skin was much healthier and brighter. My sister bought Watermelon  Glow Sleep Mask and then told me about it. While both my sister and cousin enjoy this product, I did not feel that there was much change in my skin. What initially caught my interest about this particular product is that it is good for dullness and uneven texture. I don’t think my skin has uneven texture (?), but since becoming a mom my skin is very dull. While I’m sure this problem is due to sleep deprivation and stress, the hope that a product can help is always a small glimmer of hope. I tried the sleeping mask for about 2 weeks before throwing in the towel. To be fair, I think I didn’t enjoy the product for things I wasn’t doing. For example, I’d forget to wash my face in the morning and start to put on makeup before remembering the mask and having to wash my makeup and the mask off. For those of you wondering the mask is “clear” which is why I’d forget the mask was still on . I would get really frustrated when this happened. A few times I flat out forgot to use the mask. I wash my face every night before bed and a few times I’d wash my face forgetting that I had already washed my face and applied the mask, so I’d have to reapply the mask. This also made me frustrated. Again, my issues are do to my own failings in using the product. Part of my wants to give it another try and part of me wants to gift my sister the rest of the bottle.  Has anyone else used this product? If so, what were your experiences?

Side note: the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask  is  on the pricer side, costing $45 for 2.7 oz. There is an option for a smaller size for just $22 and I wish I’d purchased instead to make sure I really liked the product. You can purchase the mini version here

There is also a perfect Limited Edition Watermelon Jelly gift set available here which includes     – 0.85 oz/ 25 mL Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer
– 1 oz/ 30 mL Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask
– 1.17 oz/ 33 g Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask




These thoughts an opinions are my own. This is NOT a sponsored post in anyway


Guest Bathroom Makeover

I finally, FINALLY got around to redoing the downstairs bathroom and I am so happy with how it turned out. I was able to redo the entire bathroom for under $175!! There are still two things left to do, but one is a pretty major and costly upgrade, new flooring, and the other is a new toilet. I didn’t add those into the cost of redoing the bathroom for two reason, 1. they haven’t been completed yet and 2. I don’t really know what the total cost will be.  So for now, the total is lest that $175.

Below are before, during and after photos. I’ll go ahead and link the stuff I did buy. The towel bar was actually really nice and there when we moved in. and I had paint supplies (brush, roller, and painters tape, so that also isn’t included in the total cost because I didn’t spend money on the supplies for this specific project but used supplies left from other projects. )

When we purchased our home I knew there were things I wanted to change, but the downstairs bathroom really annoyed me. The former owners had painted it a blood red color which caused the bathroom to feel small, cramped and depressing. Originally I planned to redo the bathroom first, but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. About a month ago I finally picked the Silver Bullet paint color and everything fell into place from there. Since the wash stand is white I decided to accent with white, black, and silver hardware, all of which match the Silver Bullet paint color nicely. I found the shower curtain during the Nordstrom sale and picked it up for around $25. It’s still in stock in the gray color for $30. Both the paint and mirror were purchased at Home Depot. The most expensive item in the bathroom was the mirror. The mirror is still in stock and currently priced for $105 (normally $139.) The bathroom had one of those standard flat mirrors that are placed in homes. They are plain, dated, and super boring. I knew changing the mirror would drastically change the appearance of the bathroom and make it look new and more modern. I also hoped changing the mirror would make the bathroom look larger as well. I love the way the room turned out and so far it’s actually my favorite room redo. I’m trying to decide whether to take on the family room or the spare bedroom next.  Either way I’ll post the changes as I make them. I hope everyone has a good week!

Paint: Silver Bullet by Behr (Home Depot)

Mirror: This one from Home Depot

Shower Curtain: Nordstrom

Towel: Pottery Barn (old)

Picture: Got this at a poster sale in college many years ago

A Lazy Friday Night

It’s Friday night and I’m having a night in. John and Wallace headed off to Greensboro for the weekend and I stayed behind to have some me time. I already miss my little Wallace soooo much, but I am looking forward to getting some things checked off my ever growing to do list. Before he left, John told me to relax and do whatever I want to do. Meaning, don’t clean all weekend. This will be hard for me because I hate for things to be messy or things not in their proper place.

So far, tonight, I’ve done a little cleaning, made a small grocery store run, did a load of laundry (I have yet to fold it or do the ironing, but there are clean clothes), and hung out with my mom. My wonderful mother has been lucky enough to have the whole week off and today she went to the outlets in Williamsburg (jealous). She stopped by my house on her way home to drop off some really cute Janie and Jack shirts and shorts she bought for Wallace; 2 for now 3 for next year.  Since then, I’ve taken a long shower, had a dinner of mozzarella cheese sticks (not part of my diet plan) and I’ve finally settled in to relax a little, or as best as my Type A personality will let me.  I plan on binge watching the ID channel and doing a little crochet after I finish this post.

What else is going on…. I’m about half way done with a v-stitch blanket I’m making for John. I made John a blanket about 6 or 7 years ago when we were dating, but recently he asked if I would made him a new one. We went to Michael’s and John picked out the yarn and then I showed him pictures of different types of stitches I knew. John picked the V-stitch and I’ve been slowly working on it.  I’d like to knock out a few rows tonight. The blanket is turning out pretty large; it fits a full size bed! I have 3 other crochet projects I’m working on that I’d really like to finish too, but I doubt that will happen.

I plan on staying up late tonight and sleeping in. It’s funny, because while we were eating dinner, before they left, John looked at me and goes “you’re going to stay up late, aren’t you?” hahaha he knows me so well. I’m such a night owl. I feel so much more productive…. Which is why I’m blogging instead of crocheting.

Saturday, I can’t wait for Saturday actually. Well, I can’t wait for every Saturday, but tomorrow I have so many errands to run, but they are ones I’m looking forward to.

  • Walmart to pick up school supplies for the school supply drive at work
  • Wallace is invited to two birthday parties at the end of this month. I asked the moms of the two kids what did their little ones want for their birthday: clothes, toys, or books. Both said clothes, specifically Fall clothes. Gymboree and Janie and Jack are my favorite places to shop for kids clothing. The quality is excellent, you can get great deals (I got two pairs of pants at Gymboree off the sale rack for $2.97 each) and they are so cute! I still will more than likely pop into Ollie’s and get them each a book as well.
  • Nordstrom : I bought my mom two pairs of earrings for her birthday, very similar and let her pick which pair she wanted.
  • Run: I fully plan and will go on a run at some point this weekend
  • Iron, fold, and put laundry up
  • Return books to the library and pick up some new ones for Wallace. We take Wallace to the library every other week to check out books. Since he’s out of town this weekend I’m going to do a solo trip and check out some new ones. I’m going to use this time to really seek out some amazing books.
  • Write a letter to my friend Melanie. I’ve been meaning to do this for 3 weeks now. Whoops.
  • Crochet or cross stitch or read
  • And finally, maybe list some items on Poshmark and Mercari

I have quite a list ahead of me. Challenge accepted! What is everyone else doing this weekend? Do you use weekends as a time to relax or tackle to do lists?

Poshmark and Mercari

I love selling on Poshmark and Mercari. I also love buying on both sites as well. These sites are a really great way to clean out your closet and make a little money at the same time. You can use the money from me your sales to either shop or deposit the money right into your account.  I wanted to do a quick pop in and say that I’ve listed 30, yes 30 new items and will be adding at least 30 more in the coming two weeks. Most of my items are J. Crew, Anthropologie, and some Loft and Gap and are in new, like new, or excellent used condition. Please stop in and take a peek and feel free to make an offer! I shop within 24 hours

Shop my closet on Poshmark!

for Mercari download the app and search mld303

happy shopping!



Christmas in July with the Nordstrom Sale

While I am sure many of you are so over the Nordstrom Sale posts, here is one more that I hope is a little different from the Nordy Sale posts out there.

If you know me, then you know I start my Christmas shopping during the summer. Like many people, once the holidays role around I find myself short on time with events, parties, and family taking up more time (no complaints), which leaves less time for finding that perfect Christmas gift. On top of everything else, having to buy gifts for an ever expanding list of people and traveling to visit family and friends can stretch a budget pretty thin. For these reasons a few years ago I started buying Christmas gifts as I found them or if there was a really good sale. One year I was able to snag a silver Pottery Barn picture frame for my mother-in-law for only $12!!! So after years of hearing about the Nordstrom sale I finally decided to check it out and see if there were any items that I could give as a Christmas gift.

Now, I have never shopped the Nordstrom sale before. The whole thing just seemed too stressful and over whelming, but this year I thought I’d take a look and see if there was anything that I really “needed”. I found a pair of leggings, booties, and a bra. I don’t really need anything so I don’t feel disappointed at all and am in fact a little surprised by my purchases. What I did manage to do was knock out some Christmas shopping. Below are a few of the items I picked out as gifts for friends and family. I hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear what everyone else picked up at the sale. A few things I really like and did want are still sold out, but I’m not going to give up yet!

nordstrom christmas

soap / candles / earrings / scarf / booties / faux leather duffel bag / belt /           Ugg Fleece Blanket / Sherpa blanket

Kate Middleton’s Issa London Little Black Dress


Dress / Top Flat / Bottom Flat

If you like this dress I suggestion purchasing quickly it is selling out fast! The dress also comes in a patterned print. It took me a couple of visits to the website before I was able to purchase in my size. So don’t be discouraged if your size in black is sold out; people return items all the time : )

Also, both pairs of flats are under $100! Because they are a classic flat and have a great price point it’s sooooo easy to justify these as a purchase because they are a closet staple and I think will look super cute with skinny jeans and skirts too


Kate Middleton’s Honeymoon Outfit

I love the outfit Kate Middleton wore when she and Will left for their honeymoon. The dress is by Zara, the blazer is by Ralph Lauren, wedges are L.K. Bennett. While the blazer and dress are no longer available, I thought it would be fun to try and recreate the outfit with items still available. Kate’s shoes are still for sale and can be purchased at L. K. Bennett . I linked a more budget friendly pair from J. Crew Factory.

kare middleton honeymoon

DressBlazer / Shoes 1 / Shoes 2 (not pictured)