The Last Two Weeks + Some Books

The last two weeks have been pretty rough and I’m glad they are now in the past. Between having to quickly move out, live in an extended stay for a few days, and being thrown off our monthly budget because of the move, John and I were more than ready to put June behind us. My sweet hubby and I are finally moved into our new place, and other than still waiting to get our deposit back from our old place, things are starting to get back to normal. Last weekend my dad and sister came to Greensboro to help John and I move. Then this past weekend my mom came for a visit to help us clean, organize, and go shopping with me. No complaints. Friday night my mom, John, and I just hung out and did a little catching up and gave her the grand tour of our new place. Then on Saturday my mom and I did a little shopping, which included me getting this amazing dress from Brooks Brothers and this crazy neon skirt from J. Crew. I’m not really a neon person, but for some reason I just felt I had to have this skirt. While my mom and I were out doing our thing, John hung up most of our 8 million pictures, framed art, and various diplomas and awards around the house. We have two random boxes of stuff left to find homes for and a handful of pictures left to hang, but otherwise it’s pretty much home and I know I couldn’t be happier. The stress of moving and floating around was really starting to get to me. I like to have plans and know what is going to happen and then have a back up plan. These last two weeks lacked structure, a schedule, and back up plans so I was not a happy camper.

Other random happenings:

–       I started The House I Loved by Tatiana De Rosnay on Sunday night. I loved De Rosnay’s other books Sarah’s Key and A Secret Kept, so I’m hoping this one is just as good. So far all her books have taken place in France and seem to be very historically, politically, and culturally accurate, which, for me, is always a bonus.

–       I finished Searching for Anne Perry on Friday and was disappointed. I will give a full review on this book in another post. There is a second book on this event involving Anne Perry that I anticipate reading and I really hope that book is much better.

–       Last weekend I read Clockwork Prince and loved it. I won’t lie; I stayed up late to finish the book Saturday night, all 434 pages of it. That’s right, read in one sitting. I was so happy to see Cassandra Clare had developed the characters of Charlotte and Henry more and loved that the two had a heavier prescience in the second book. I also LOVED chapter 18 when Charlotte and Henry have their big talk and realize they have both always loved each other. Again, I’ll write a book review on this at a later point. I do need to order the final book in the trilogy Clockwork Princess, which from poking around on the internet I happen to know Charlotte and Henry are again prominent throughout. What a great literary couple.

–       I’m obsessed with Good Reads and find myself spending more time than I should on the site searching for books. I hate when my to read pile drops below 10 books. For some reason that gives me small panic attack. #bookworm #nerd #Ispendtoomuchmoneyonbooks

–       Finally, John and I are going to a wedding in Atlanta the last weekend in August and I’m kind of excited about it. I think I’m most excited to get out of Greensboro for a bit, plus I love staying in hotels. The reception is being held at this beautiful venue called Summerour Studio. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I know it is Monday, but try to have a great day anyways.


Color Inspiration: Blue + Morocco

Navy and blues are my favorite colors to wear. I can’t decide if it’s because blue is my favorite color, I love that there are so many shades of blue, that navy is a great neutral, or that blue and navy can be worn all year around. Either way, here are a few awesome blue and navy pieces out there right now. Also, I added some pictures of John’s trip to Morocco at the bottom because they inspired me to do a color inspiration with the color blue. Image

1. J. Crew Ella Strapless Printed Dress- this is actually from last year, but I own it and it is one of my favorite dresses

2. Caravane Tunic Dress (on sale!)

3. Surrealist Dress

4. Kerala Peplum Top 

5. Silk shirtfront tank in floral stamp

6. Silk Flutter Top

7. Factory Buttoned Double-Serge Cotton Mini

8. Hudson + Bleecker Travel Shoe Bag