Wedding Pictures–the Redo

John and I were only mildly happy with our wedding photos, so we decided to retake them. Crazy? Maybe. However, John and I found, along with our wonderful photographer Helen, that taking photos on a day other than the wedding is absolutely amazing and here are a few reasons as to why:

1. You aren’t being rushed to get through the photos to make the grand entrance at the reception. We were able to take all the time we wanted.

2. Change of scenery. Our wedding redo photos were taken at the University of Richmond. Because we had no time constraints we were able to walk around campus and take photos with different backgrounds, lighting, angles, height, ect. This made for a variety of special photos that we definitely would not have gotten on our wedding day.

3. You get to wear that crazy expensive dress more than once, or more than twice if you did portraits too.

4. It was just us, just me and my husband. We didn’t have to worry about tons of potential photo fails, or squeezing everyone into a photo, waiting for people to keep up while walking around to different locations.

5. Communication. Helen and I go way back, we went to undergrad together, and she is just the sweetest person around and I love how fun and out there she is. Her great personality and easy going attitude made it easy for us to communicate what we wanted in terms of our pictures (something that was never discussed with the photographer at our wedding. She just showed up and never spoke with us first. I always have wondered if she did jail house mug shots before getting in with the company she works for). And because there wasn’t a whole bridal party or parents giving their opinion in the background, we didn’t have to fight to be heard. I felt more relaxed with it just being us and Helen.

6. The photographer was able to have some creative time as well. Because Helen wasn’t rushed she was able to just stop and think for a few minutes and I think this produced better and more unique photos.

A draw back to having photos on a different day is the cost. Helen wasn’t the photographer at our wedding, but I wish she had been. So we weren’t able to work out a deal with the photographer to take photos on a different day, but Helen was so reasonable in her pricing it was totally worth it! Also, we paid to have my hair and make up done again. I know not everyone can afford to do pictures again on a different day with the photographer and hair and make up, but if you can it’s so totally worth it! And remember, it doesn’t have to be right after the wedding. John and I got married almost 2 years ago and are just now redoing our photos.

We haven’t received all the photos yet, but Helen sent us a nice little collage of a few. I love them and can’t wait to see all the photos. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

11742648_10100365005832562_1572847762857814894_n 11222902_10100365009709792_577617230708362878_n 11703376_10100365007020182_3482934034724375594_n

Photographer: Helen P

Hair and Makeup: Avenue 42

Location: University of Richmond


Blush Cashmere

I know it’s only July, but I’m already dreaming of fall. I love everything about fall, from the clothes, to the food, the holidays, the outdoor activities, the colors, just everything. So while others are still planning beach trips and spending lazy Saturdays at the pool, I’m thinking of ways to transition some summer pieces, like skirts, into fall pieces. Because let’s face it, depending on where you live, the first month of fall is always still hot. I came up with this outfit and I must say, I’m pretty darn in love with it. Maybe it’s time to go shopping…. is offering an additional 30% off and the sweater AND skirt are both on sale. Side note about the shoes, I’ve been coveting these sandals since last year but they are always sold out in my size. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though. Happy Tuesday, everyone! We are one more day closer to the weekend. #thankgoodness

blush cashmere

Cashmere Hoodie / Polka Dot Skirt / Handbag / Sandals / Bangle / Earrings

Our Sweet Naomi


On Thursday, we had to say goodbye to our sweet Naomi (20 years old). An x-ray revealed a massive tumor infiltrating various parts of her skull; it was fast-growing and explained the swelling, clicking noise, pain, lack of appetite we had noticed in her over the last week. We humanely put her down to end her pain. We were so blessed that this sweet little girl wandered into our backyard and chose us to be her family. We had a wonderful 15 years with Naomi (we found her/she found us when she was about 5 or 6 years old) and I know she enjoyed a long happy and loving life with us. “it breaks my heart to lose you, but you did not go alone. Part of me went with you, wherever you may roam” RIP little girl, you are on God’s front porch now

39039_568871824522_5583043_n DSC05920 - Copy DSC05918 - Copy DSC04347

4th of July and Your Pets


4th of July is great for us humans, but not so great for your pets. Here are a few tips for Pet Safety for the holiday weekend. You can visit pretty much any 501(c)(3) animal rescue site for more tips or help.

1. Be sure your pet is wearing an up to date and visible ID tag on their collar at all times. I worked in animal rescue for a few years and this small tag gets MANY animals back home to their families and away from shelters and potential death. Even if that tag is just the pet’s name, your name and phone number, many will call if they find your pet. I’ve picked up many animals with collars and called the number on the tag.

2. Take a current photo of your pet, just in case. I take one probably everyday #crazypetmom

3. During cookouts, asks guest and family to play with pets, and kids, away from open flames and the grill. Sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many people end up at emergency vets because they didn’t follow this obvious tip.

4. Exercise your pet before parties begin and before nightfall. Fireworks are very scary to cats and dogs and many cats and dogs run away from the loud sounds. You don’t want to be out walking your dog when fireworks go off, have your dog run away, and then have a missing dog in the dark who also happens to be terrified and probably won’t come out of hiding or may run into traffic or danger.

5. I am guilty of this, but table scraps are bad for dogs. Cookouts are a great place for dogs and cats to trick guests into giving them bits of food off their plates. Because Buddy maybe getting a little food from everyone he could end up with a stomach ache or eat something that is not safe for dogs (same for cats). So keep some dog treats on hand and let guest know if they want to give your pet a treat they can give a dog or cat treat and not people food.

6. It’s really for the better if you just leave your pet indoors, especially once fireworks are going to be set off. It’s just safer inside and as much as we want our entire family there celebrating, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Leave a frozen treat for dogs (Kong filled with peanut butter and frozen all day) or a new toy. Being inside drastically reduces the risk of your pet running off in fear or  falling into the hands of those nasty people who think it’s fun to torment animals during the holidays.

7. If you have to, or just really, really want to, bring your dog with you to events/parties, make sure they are on a leash once fireworks start and you have a tight grip on that leash.  It’s easy to forget how strong dogs are, so hang on tight!

8. If your dog is afraid of loud noises, try leaving soft music or the tv on. This tip does nothing for my dog, but I have friends who swear by this technique.

9. Finally, it’s SO HOT outside. Dogs and cats can easily become dehydrated. So make sure they have access to water at all times and NO leaving your dog or cat in the car during the parties. Again, leave your pet at home instead.

Have a safe and happy Fourth!

What We’ve Been Up to: In List Form

John and I have been so busy lately I feel like I haven’t even had a minute to collect my thoughts or do any of the posts I have planned. Poor John said, “I want a weekend where we don’t have anything to do. A weekend where I can just lie around”. Me too. I feel like weekends are just for running around doing errands and things we can’t normally do during the week.  So here’s a pathetic what we’ve been up to in list form.

1. John’s birthday was the 26th. We went out to dinner Friday (Jersey Mike’s birthday boy’s request), went bowling on Saturday with about 15 work friends, then had a family birthday dinner at my parent’s house on Sunday.

2. A friend I work with shared this article a few hours before our entire training team (plus bfs/gfs/significant others) went bowling. Some of my closest friends started out as co-workers. The list is pretty true.

3. My parents got John this amazing Bose speaker for his birthday. He loves it.

4. How cute is this dress? I really, really want it and I think that pattern is perfect for Spring and Summer

5. My wonderful hubby got me the red Tory Burch sandals I’ve been lusting over for months. I also got this top and this dress from Loft, both for an additional 50% off for a grand total of $52!!!!

6. We took our sweet Otis to the vet and he’s be come a chunky monkey, not really, but he does have to lose almost 3lbs. Fluffy like his Momma (I still have 11lbs to go!)

7. I’m still on a cleaning spree and decided to get rid of an extra coffee table we were using as a tv stand and two end tables. If you are in RVA and are interested, please let me knowIMG_3397 IMG_3399                                                                                         8. I’m about half way done with the book The Book of Air and Shadows. I have mixed feelings. It does drag on in quiet a few places and can be a bit wordy, but we shall see.

9. John and I are going to a Nationals game with two friends and I cannot wait. I’ve never been to a Nationals game, but for some reason have always wanted to go. #bucketlist

10. Many more things I’m sure I’m forgetting

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and short (4 day) work week!