House Things

I knew when John and I decided to buy a house we were taking on a huge life long project; there is ALWAYS something to do… always. whether it’s mowing the lawn, adding a fresh coat of paint to something, updating appliances or decor, fixing things, etc the work is never ending. The house we bought was very well taken care of by the original owners and for that I am forever grateful. All the changes we are making to the house have so far been cosmetic *knock on wood*.  So far, we have painted the upstairs hallway and the foyer (from a builders beige to wait, nothing crazy) and our bedroom (the color is silver bullet by Behr). We haven’t had any big projects yet, but that’s about to change.

John and I are currently planning on redoing the kitchen and upstairs living room. these two rooms are part of an open concept so we kinda have to do both at the same time. I’ll try to explain as best as I can. Currently the flooring is split with carpet in the living room and the hallway leading towards two of the bedrooms and hardwood floor in the dining room and kitchen. The plan is to pull up the hardwood and carpet (living room and hallway) and lay down Pergo laminate hardwood flooring in Antique Cherry. I really want the flooring to give the space a more unified look and a better flow to the house.  The way the carpet and hardwood is currently is OK, but I think running the flooring through the whole space will also make the room look larger.

We also want to add a back splash, for some reason the former owners added wallpaper, running under all the cabinets. The tentative back splash I have picked out is Miles Bliss glass/stone in IcelandTo compliment the back splash we are going to paint the cabinets a sand dollar color, which is white or light gray depending on the lighting–something I love, and replace the counter tops with dark gray honed quartz to tie everything together. We like the honed quartz because it is flat, there is no shine to the counter tops like most have. I have nothing against this shine, but the honed counters just looked cleaner and more finished to me.

Now, because of course I can’t be finished, I would really like to repaint the walls. We currently have them a light blue color, but when we chose the color we were pushed for time and were trying to paint the rooms before we moved into the house. Painting is, obviously, a lot easier with no furniture. Now that we have our kitchen upgrade designed I feel like the paint isn’t going to work very well… it may also be the curtains. I’m still checking out paint samples but I’d like to do a color similar to Benjamin Moore’s wood lawn blue which is a blue-gray.  I prefer to paint with Behr paint because it has primer mixed in with the paint and it goes on so smooth. I painted our bedroom, which is smaller than the kitchen/dinning room/living room concept in about half the time using Behr paint. My goal is to get to Home Depot and spend some serious time in the paint section. This time I am NOT going to rush my paint choices.

So when is all this going to get done? That is a great question I’ve been asking myself. Currently we are pricing out how much it is for a contractor to come in and install the flooring. While John and my dad could do it themselves, John is complaining about installing the flooring where the kitchen island is. I’ve decided that John and I will paint the cabinets and install the back splash. Both of which won’t be hard. I’m hoping to get started on something in the next two months or so. I really want to install the back splash first.  In the meantime we are going to replace the doors in our house.

Yea, I wasn’t going to leave you hanging there. Yes, replace the doors. Nothing is wrong with them, but they are flat front doors which are just so boring and public building-y to me. I found these doors at Home Depot for $38 each, a steal really, and this weekend (fingers crossed) we are going to go get them! I’ll finally be rid of these terrible flat front doors. #sohappy #cantwait and then hopefully after my sister’s wedding in September we can start on the kitchen! #goals

I’ll try and keep you updated and post pics as we go. I’m sure everything will look weird individually until the whole vision is complete and comes together.










It’s Been a While

Wow has it been awhile. When I got pregnant with Wallace I knew I’d lose a lot of my free time, and I was and still am okay with that, but I didn’t think I’d go so long between posts. I really do enjoy having a blog and somewhere to share projects I’m working on, things that are going on in my life, and mostly share my wish lists 🙂

Here is a run down of what we’ve been up to lately. First off, Wallace will be 10 months in a few weeks. I have no idea where the time has gone or where my tiny baby went. He’s so busy and constantly on the move. John and I really lucked out with such a sweet, happy baby.

Second, we bought a house! I want to say buying a house was very planned out, but that would be a lie. A few months after Wallace made his debut we realized the townhouse was just too small and we needed more space. Needing a bigger house had always been in the back of my mind, but I really thought (in my pretend world) that we could stay in the townhouse until Wallace was about  a year old. John and I had started casually looking online but nothing had jumped out. We went to look at one place and found out the photos had been very misleading and the house was in terrible shape and in addition to needing a ton of work the layout was awful. About 3 weeks later this cute 3 1/2 bedroom popped up. I liked it well enough based on what I had seen online, so John and I decided to check it out. We set up an appointment to tour the house and the next thing I knew we were putting in an offer. Then, 3 days after Christmas, we closed on our first home! Now, I want to address something I said earlier, 3 1/2 bedrooms, no this isn’t a typo, I really do mean 1/2 a bedroom. There is a random room that we aren’t sure what to do with and aren’t sure why it was even added to the floor plan. The family that lived here before us used it as a dog room (which was really cute) they had the dogs’ beds and crates as well as toys, so the dogs were comfy while their humans were at work. Currently we have the liter box in there as well as a few random boxes we have yet to unpack. The room is really odd because there isn’t really room for a bed… maybe a twin bed, but that would be it. Right now I am leaning towards making it our “gym” and buying a treadmill and set of hand weights. I’ll be honest, no matter what happens with that room, the cat box is staying in there. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love it hear them.

Finally, since we bought a house that doesn’t require or need any major work, everything that we want to do is purely cosmetic. Sadly Wallace had to have surgery the week before we were supposed to move it, which forced us to shift our plans a little. Originally I was going to come over after work and do some painting, but since Wallace was recovering I really wanted to be with him instead. I was able to paint the living room before we moved in, which I’m very happy about . John and I also found a little time to pop into Haverty’s and pick out a new sofa for the living room, a new sofa for the downstairs rec room as well as a recliner ( something John’s had on his wish list for years) . I’m debating on which room I’d like to work on next, the master bedroom ( I just need to paint and order some art for above the bed) the upstairs bathroom, or the guest room. I never thought my love of shopping at J. Crew and Anthropologie would be replaced with a desire to peruse Lowes, Home Depot, and Pottery Barn. I’ll be sure to share updates as I finish the rooms. If you have any favorite places to shop for home decor I’d love the hear them. Thanks for stopping by.



Christmas Recap


This was easily one of the best Christmas’ ever. John and I got to spend 5 days in RVA with my family! I always get so homesick for Richmond and a weekend home never is enough time, especially since we get in so late on Friday night. Being there for more than one full day really made me happy.

John got me this amazing purse for Christmas, along with 3 sets of shower gel and matching lotion from Bath and Body Works and some cute tops I’ve had my eye on. Best husband ever.

My parents were very generous as well. They gave John some amazing gifts, including a pair of L.L. Bean duck boots that he has yet to go a day without wearing. Mind you, it didn’t rain a day while we were in Richmond. As for myself, if I had to narrow down my two favorite gifts my parents gave me this year it would be this super cozy vest from Anthropologie (that I’ve already worn 3 times) and the Buffalo Check Puffer Vest from J. Crew. I wore one of them every day that we were in Richmond; whether the weather required it or not. #I’mObsessed

Have to throw it out there; my parents also got me and John this beautiful comforter from Pottery Barn! I love it, but the cats might love it more. It’s just so cozy, getting up in the morning just got harder.

John loves shopping at Pottery Barn #hewassobored #trooper

John loves shopping at Pottery Barn #hewassobored #trooper #somuchplaid

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish you a safe and Happy New Year as well! Who has fun plans?

Dream Bedroom

Dream Bedroom

Master Bedroom Inspiration + Wanting to Move

The next time John and I move I’m going to redecorate our bedroom. And this is what it’s going to look like. photo (3)

John’s parents are thinking about moving and have promised we can have the king size bed and mattress in their spare room since they can’t take it with them; we are very excited. We’ve been looking into buying a bigger bed, but obviously we are now going to wait. Bed frames are never terribly expensive, but the mattresses are and that is what’s really put a hold on us making the purchase. Once we get the new bed I have a great excuse to redecorate our room because we only have a Full size bed now and our sheets and bedspread won’t fit on a king size bed. Not that I need a reason really, but it never hurts to have a  reason.

Side note on moving, John and I just moved two months ago, but we would really love to be in Richmond or the D.C area. While I love our new place,and I really do, I can’t help but day dream about what our lives would be like back in Virginia. Anyone want to hire a guy with a law degree? He’s handsome, a hard worker, gets along with everyone and is nice too.

photo from Pottery Barn