Kate Middleton’s Honeymoon Outfit

I love the outfit Kate Middleton wore when she and Will left for their honeymoon. The dress is by Zara, the blazer is by Ralph Lauren, wedges are L.K. Bennett. While the blazer and dress are no longer available, I thought it would be fun to try and recreate the outfit with items still available. Kate’s shoes are still for sale and can be purchased at L. K. Bennett . I linked a more budget friendly pair from J. Crew Factory.

kare middleton honeymoon

DressBlazer / Shoes 1 / Shoes 2 (not pictured)


Green with Envy

J. Crew has a small release of new summer items. Typically during  summer I stick with workout shorts if I’m hanging out around the house or simple cotton dresses. But so many stores lately have these really cute summer tops that I find myself browsing the shorts section for a few basics that I can pair with all these cute tops! I recently ordered this green top from J. Crew and can’t wait for it to arrive.  Typically I don’t look good in peplum tops, but my fingers are crossed this one works out well. I shared this look with the two ways I’d wear the top; either with white denim or jean shorts (although it would look cute with navy shorts or regular denim too)I’m going to share a round up of my current favorite tops on Anthropologie and J. Crew…after I narrow them down to a reasonable number.

green top



green top / shorts / white jeans / necklace / sandals / bag

New Floors!

I was looking back through my posts and was stunned to see I had not written about our new floors!  When John and I first bought our house we thought the carpet was in really good shape considering the previous owners had 3 very large dogs…yea, we thought. A few months after moving in we noticed a small stain that began to get larger. We were very confused because we hadn’t spilled anything, yet the stain was “growing.” I called in the professionals who informed us the previous owners had used a chemical to temporarily hide the stain. The chemical wears off after a few months and the stain is back. Needless to say we were furious. It wouldn’t be worth the time or money to go after the previous owners for being so deceitful, but I do hope karma finds them at their new house.

After living in the house for about a year I couldn’t take the carpet any longer. It looked awful and I was embarrassed to have people over. John and I decided it was time to have lament hardwood put in and we began shopping around to find the perfect floor and a team of installers. We went to the typical places first, Lowes and Home Depot and found flooring we liked and got quotes. I posted online asking for suggestions as well and our neighbor who had just had lament floors put in said he used Costan Flooring and was very happy with the results. I had heard Costan is expensive so I had not suggested we look there, but now that we had quotes from two places I decided what they heck. John and I went, found flooring we love, and set up a time for an estimate. Boy were we surprised when Costan’s estimate came in almost $1,000 cheaper than Lowes or Home Depot. It took about 45 seconds for us to decide to go with Costan. Within a few weeks (we had to wait for the materials to come in) our new floors were installed! We absolutely LOVE them. The house looks so much better and they are so much easier to keep clean.  Below are some of the before and after pictures. If you are in the Richmond, VA area and are looking to have your floors, carpet, or tile replaced, I highly recommend Costan. Ask for Josh : )


At the last minute we decided to get the landing done too.


Next up, backsplash

My To DONE List

I can’t believe how much I got done over the weekend.  The first list is my original list, the second list is what I actually accomplished

  1. Finish 2 blankets I’ve been crocheting, one I just have the boarder to finish and then to block it
  2. CLEAN – everything upstairs and downstairs
  3. clean out my closet and list some stuff on Poshmark and Mercari
  4. see if my dad can take a shelf down – paint wall behind the shelf if he can
  5. paint the banister
  6. sneak off to Moe’s for lunch (I’ve been craving their vegetation nachos for weeks now)
  7. have dinner with my parents
  8. hopefully sleep in some
  9. Take Otis on a few walks.
  10. Laundry, never ever ending
  11. Buy a vase at Pottery Barn or West Elm (currently debating between two)

  1. I only finished one of the blankets, BUT it’s because while I was working on the second I realized I was out of the pink yarn I was using. I went to a few crafts stores only to find out that color isn’t sold anymore. I found a skein on ebay for $3 and $2 shipping. Because I don’t want to pull out the blanket and it’s too small to leave as is, I said what the heck and ordered.
  2. I did so much cleaning Friday night. Friday night was when I got most of my list done. Sadly within 20 minutes of John and Wallace being home the place was a wreck again.
  3. Didn’t really accomplish this one. I listed 4 things for sale and only removed two items from my closet.
  4. My dad took the shelf down! He even spackled and sanded the holes from where the shelf was being held into the wall. I didn’t get to paint because the paint is in the shed and John took the key to the shed with him (it’s on his key ring).
  5. CHECK! I also painted the hall closet doors! Go me. Haha
  6. No didn’t do this, which I regret because I’m still craving those nachoes. Instead my mom and I went to Toys- R- Us to get Wallace’s birthday presents.  He’s going to be one happy little boy come May 2nd
  7. CHECK! We went to Silver Diner
  8. CHECK! Prolyl slept in too much
  9. Half way, I took Otis on one walk SundaySaturday was super cold, rainy and it snowed around 8:00pm
  10. Did three loads and washed two comforters. I switched out our winter comforter for spring. It’s been so cold lately I am starting to think that was a bad idea
  11. CHECK! I got this one at Pottery Barn and absolutely love it! I bought this vase to go on a small piece of furniture my parents gave us. I hide Wallace’s toys in the piece of furniture (not sure what it’s called)  to keep the room looking as clean as it possibly can with a 2 year old running around. I’ve been looking for a cool vase to have around as decor and fell in love with this one when I saw it. I like it because it’s not something I would normally pick out, but it’s still has a classic look to it. On a side note, I love the small vase in the picture   ( I want to put 3 on top of our china hutch), but it isn’t available at the store near me or online. I found this one and this one as two of the three I think I’m going to get. Thoughts?

I hope everyone is having a great week and it is going by quickly!

A Review of Some Recent Purchases

Halogen Sweatshirt– When I saw this blue sweatshirt I immediately felt I had to have it, despite 20 other sweatshirts sitting in my closet. I love the bright blue color and the cute little tie detail on the sleeves. I ordered the sweatshirt in a size small and was so disappointed. The small was too big, somewhat shocking, and looked very boxy on me. I ordered the x-small, but it too didn’t fit right. The fit was better, but overall it was not a flattering look on me. Sadly, I returned both and have had to pass on this item. Side note, I first saw this sweatshirt on Simply Lauren Rose. She looked so cute in it and paired her sweatshirt with dark skinny jeans and booties for a more finished look and less lounge around the house. I’m so jealous; I really wanted this top to work out.

Funnel Neck – You guys, I love this top so much that I bought it in the navy and white stripe, wore it twice and then immediately ordered the gray. While I like the gray, I think I like the navy and white more. The navy funnel neck is a waffle material and because of that, I feel, it holds it’s shape a little better. The gray is more of a thin sweatshirt style, but is still very warm. I love bumming around in one of these on the weekends with leggings or changing into one when I get home from work. The funnel neck is also great for layering. Typically, I wear mine with a tank or short sleeve tee underneath. When I go the slacker route and wear one of the funnel necks out to run errands, when it was colder, I paired them with leggings and one of J. Crew’s zip up exersion vests, and my new balance sneakers.  Great buy, in my opinion, and highly recommended. J. Crew factory has been doing a lot of sales lately, and recently these bad boys were 40-50% off.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder – I’m not a “make-up person” so to speak, by make-up person I mean one who wanders around Sephora endlessly looking at products, wanting to try them all or watching youtube videos on make-up. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with people who do this, I am just not one of them. I tend to take a very natural and simplistic approach when it comes to my make-up because by the end of the day, I’ve rubbed most of it off anyways by running my hands over my face in exasperation or exhaustion or my dog has licked it off giving me his sweet doggie kisses. I’ve been thinking about bronzer since my sister got married and decided to go for it. I did a little bit of research online and the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder seemed to be highly recommended, and at a $44 price point it wasn’t terrible either. I got the natural color and have been pleasantly surprised. I really like the bronzer. I was worried the bronzer would give me a fake tan appearance or cause my face to look a lot darker than the rest of me causing a neon fake bronzer sign to appear above my head. I was so happy to see that the bronzing powder did none of this. In fact, it gives me the perfect amount of color without causing me to look like I have a fake tan. I have added the bronzer into my morning make-up routine and haven’t regretted it yet. 5 stars, my friend. Invest.

Urban Decay Naked Color Corrector – I cannot for the life of me remember what made me buy this, either an ad in a magazine or another blogger perhaps, but either way, this stuff really does work. I got the Pink because the description stated “Pink: disguises dark circles, particularly on fair skin tones, and works well as a highlighter to create a lifted appearance.” I have dark circles under my eyes courtesy of my love of being a night owl combined with being the mom of an almost 2 year old, thus I don’t get much sleep. The color corrector helps A LOT with my dark circles. I still use concealer on top of the color corrector along with Clinique  powder to set everything.

Free People Top– now on sale, runs big. I wanted to like this shirt. Online the blue is such a beautiful color and I love the embroidery around the buttons. I ordered this and quickly found it runs very, very large and the blue is more drab in person. I didn’t even bother trying a smaller size and just returned it. bummer

What’s in My Shopping Cart

It’s been so long since I’ve done a What’s in my Shopping Cart post, I thought I’d share a few of the items I have sitting in my cart on various sites. I’ve actually ordered a few of the items and I’ll share my thoughts once they arrive : ) Happy Tuesday!

shopping card

Blue Tie Sleeve / Gray Peplum / Gold Necklace / Black Dress / Silver Earrings  / Stripe Funnel Neck / Stripe Waffle Sweats / Stripe TopBangle – on sale! / Color Corrector / Black Top / Bronzer