Podcast Junkie: True Crime

I’m a podcast junkie. I am pretty sure I subscribe to over 200 podcasts. But to be fair I listen to podcasts all day while I am at work, so I need around 40-50 hours of podcasts a week. Also, not all the podcasts I subscribe to put out shows every week. I wanted to start sharing some of the podcasts I listen to with you all. My goal is to share podcasts by genre. My favorite is True Crime, but since that list is so long I broke it down into a group of each episode is different and podcasts were each season follows a single case. I am also trying to decide if I want to write reviews on my top 10 favorite podcats. Is that something anyone would be interested in? If you have a favorite podcast please send it my way. I am always open for suggestions for new podcasts.


                                                                    74 Seconds                                                                                                                                            Criminal                                                                   Canadian True Crime
Bloody Murder
A Very fatal Murder
All Killa No Filla
American Crime Casts
Case Notes
Death In Ice Valley
Female Criminals                                                                  Felonious Florida
Generation Why
Hollywood and Crime
In Sight
Last Podcast on the Left
Martini’s and Murder
Monsters and Murder
Most Notorious!
Murder Dictionary
My Favorite Murder
Mysterious Circumstances
Serial Killers
Sex, love, and murder
Smalltown Murder
Someone Knows something
Sword and Scale
The Blotter
The Fall Line
The Lady Killers
The Last Podcast on the Left
The Lost
The Minds of Madness
They Walk Among Us
Trace Evidence
True Crime Unsolved
True Crime All the Time
true crime all the time unsolved
True Crime Asia
true crime guys
True Crime Guys
True Crime Obsessed
Unexplained Mysteries
unsolved murders
Up and Vanished