Summer Whites

white dresses

wave dress / flower smocked dress / tunic dress

lace dress / flutter sleeve dress / tassel dress 

I’ve always had a love hate relationship with white dresses. I love them, but with my fair skin I feel they aren’t always the best option for me and it’s really hard to find a light weight white dress that isn’t see through. I recently discovered these 6 cute white dresses and couldn’t help myself. In particular I have my eye on the wave dress and the flower smocked dress. All would look cute with a jean jacket for work, which can easily be removed for happy hour at your favorite bar.

Happy shopping!



House Things

I knew when John and I decided to buy a house we were taking on a huge life long project; there is ALWAYS something to do… always. whether it’s mowing the lawn, adding a fresh coat of paint to something, updating appliances or decor, fixing things, etc the work is never ending. The house we bought was very well taken care of by the original owners and for that I am forever grateful. All the changes we are making to the house have so far been cosmetic *knock on wood*.  So far, we have painted the upstairs hallway and the foyer (from a builders beige to wait, nothing crazy) and our bedroom (the color is silver bullet by Behr). We haven’t had any big projects yet, but that’s about to change.

John and I are currently planning on redoing the kitchen and upstairs living room. these two rooms are part of an open concept so we kinda have to do both at the same time. I’ll try to explain as best as I can. Currently the flooring is split with carpet in the living room and the hallway leading towards two of the bedrooms and hardwood floor in the dining room and kitchen. The plan is to pull up the hardwood and carpet (living room and hallway) and lay down Pergo laminate hardwood flooring in Antique Cherry. I really want the flooring to give the space a more unified look and a better flow to the house.  The way the carpet and hardwood is currently is OK, but I think running the flooring through the whole space will also make the room look larger.

We also want to add a back splash, for some reason the former owners added wallpaper, running under all the cabinets. The tentative back splash I have picked out is Miles Bliss glass/stone in IcelandTo compliment the back splash we are going to paint the cabinets a sand dollar color, which is white or light gray depending on the lighting–something I love, and replace the counter tops with dark gray honed quartz to tie everything together. We like the honed quartz because it is flat, there is no shine to the counter tops like most have. I have nothing against this shine, but the honed counters just looked cleaner and more finished to me.

Now, because of course I can’t be finished, I would really like to repaint the walls. We currently have them a light blue color, but when we chose the color we were pushed for time and were trying to paint the rooms before we moved into the house. Painting is, obviously, a lot easier with no furniture. Now that we have our kitchen upgrade designed I feel like the paint isn’t going to work very well… it may also be the curtains. I’m still checking out paint samples but I’d like to do a color similar to Benjamin Moore’s wood lawn blue which is a blue-gray.  I prefer to paint with Behr paint because it has primer mixed in with the paint and it goes on so smooth. I painted our bedroom, which is smaller than the kitchen/dinning room/living room concept in about half the time using Behr paint. My goal is to get to Home Depot and spend some serious time in the paint section. This time I am NOT going to rush my paint choices.

So when is all this going to get done? That is a great question I’ve been asking myself. Currently we are pricing out how much it is for a contractor to come in and install the flooring. While John and my dad could do it themselves, John is complaining about installing the flooring where the kitchen island is. I’ve decided that John and I will paint the cabinets and install the back splash. Both of which won’t be hard. I’m hoping to get started on something in the next two months or so. I really want to install the back splash first.  In the meantime we are going to replace the doors in our house.

Yea, I wasn’t going to leave you hanging there. Yes, replace the doors. Nothing is wrong with them, but they are flat front doors which are just so boring and public building-y to me. I found these doors at Home Depot for $38 each, a steal really, and this weekend (fingers crossed) we are going to go get them! I’ll finally be rid of these terrible flat front doors. #sohappy #cantwait and then hopefully after my sister’s wedding in September we can start on the kitchen! #goals

I’ll try and keep you updated and post pics as we go. I’m sure everything will look weird individually until the whole vision is complete and comes together.










Whether it’s tops, shorts, home goods, or accessories, I love me some gingham. This past week I was wasting time on the J. Crew website when I came across these adorable green gingham shorts. I knew I had to have them. Luckily I had ordered a jacket that I was returning and decided to do an exchange instead. These shorts are linen and have an elastic tie waist that can be tightened using ties that are on the side. However, these shorts run very large and I went down a size (x-small). If you happen to love the style of these shorts but not the pattern, fear not! they come in solid colors too.  I also snagged this gingham shirt in aqua. It’s on sale with an additional 30% off using the code SHOPNOW.


                                  red top/ stripe shorts/ tortoise necklace/ gingham clutch/ sandals                                                        white top/ gingham shorts /  gold necklace / gold sandals                                              gingham button down/ white shorts / necklace / bag / shoes

Weight Loss

I’ve been trying to lose the baby weight plus some extra since Wallace was born. After I gave birth to my darling little boy I discovered, to my horror, I had 22 pounds to lose.  I knew this was going to be an up hill battle due to a lack of time and terrible eating habits on my end. Plus due to my c-section I had to wait a few extra weeks before I could really start doing anything. I started slow, just short walks and have steadily built up since. I really didn’t try to start losing weight until Wallace was 3 months old, which was both good and bad. It was good because, even though I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around it, I did have surgery. So taking it easy for 12 weeks gave me time to heal properly both inside and out. It was bad because I felt like I was 3 months behind on needing to lose weight.

When I was younger weight loss was super easy. I wouldn’t eat after 8pm and I’d run on the treadmill for a few weeks and shed whatever the extra pounds were in no time. Now that I’m all of 31 I’ve found it’s a lot tougher; especially when I can’t find the time to work out regularly. So far I’ve only lost 14 pounds, and I have a goal of 30. Half way there. Any weight loss is great, but I’ve always been very impatient when it comes to losing weight. I really want a treadmill and John and I have the perfect little room we plan on turning into a “gym” but the treadmill is a few months away. In the meantime I’m going to the gym when I can and my sister-in-law told me about these great videos called Tone It Up on youtube. Please try these videos. I was amazed at what a great work out they really are and how much I sweat! Most are around 15 minutes, so I usually do 3-4 videos when I work out at home. Personally, I love all their videos and feel great after each workout. The first day I worked out I felt great afterwards and work up the next morning feeling pretty sore…but I love that feeling! Why? because, for me, it makes me feel like I achieved something from my workout. That I truly worked some muscles. I’ve linked a few of my favorites below.

7 Day Slim Down

Total Body Slim Down

Lift and Tone Booty Routine

Fine Toning Arm Routine  

Inner and Outer Thigh Routine

Bikini Body Routine

A few other well known ways to shed a few pounds, no soda, drink lots and lots of water, get plenty of sleep, take the stairs instead of the elevator, eat your veggies!, and try fruit as a snack.

There is one other thing I’ve really been wanting to try, but just can’t justify spending $60 on right now. It’s the Work Out Waisted Corset from Waisted be Keke. Has anyone tried it? If so, what are your thoughts?

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung! Well not officially, but the last few days sure have felt like it. And to be honest, while I’m all for this weather, I can put off Spring a little longer so I don’t have to deal with allergies. Walking outside and seeing my car covered in a fine yellow powder feels like a death sentence for me.

We’ve had beautiful weather that is perfect for literally any type of clothing, jeans, pants, shorts, sweaters, tees, one can easily mix and match to feel very comfortable while out and about. J. Crew has some released some cute clothes and there are a few things I have my eye on. I decided to create an outfit with new items that I’d love to be wearing on a Saturday around town with my boys (John, Wallace, and Otis). I hope everyone else is having weather as nice as us. Happy Hump Day!



                                   Bag / Cashmere Tee / Crystal Floral Necklace /                                                                                                  Tee (similar) / Ruffle Shorts / Sandals