Guest Bathroom Makeover

I finally, FINALLY got around to redoing the downstairs bathroom and I am so happy with how it turned out. I was able to redo the entire bathroom for under $175!! There are still two things left to do, but one is a pretty major and costly upgrade, new flooring, and the other is a new toilet. I didn’t add those into the cost of redoing the bathroom for two reason, 1. they haven’t been completed yet and 2. I don’t really know what the total cost will be.  So for now, the total is lest that $175.

Below are before, during and after photos. I’ll go ahead and link the stuff I did buy. The towel bar was actually really nice and there when we moved in. and I had paint supplies (brush, roller, and painters tape, so that also isn’t included in the total cost because I didn’t spend money on the supplies for this specific project but used supplies left from other projects. )

When we purchased our home I knew there were things I wanted to change, but the downstairs bathroom really annoyed me. The former owners had painted it a blood red color which caused the bathroom to feel small, cramped and depressing. Originally I planned to redo the bathroom first, but couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. About a month ago I finally picked the Silver Bullet paint color and everything fell into place from there. Since the wash stand is white I decided to accent with white, black, and silver hardware, all of which match the Silver Bullet paint color nicely. I found the shower curtain during the Nordstrom sale and picked it up for around $25. It’s still in stock in the gray color for $30. Both the paint and mirror were purchased at Home Depot. The most expensive item in the bathroom was the mirror. The mirror is still in stock and currently priced for $105 (normally $139.) The bathroom had one of those standard flat mirrors that are placed in homes. They are plain, dated, and super boring. I knew changing the mirror would drastically change the appearance of the bathroom and make it look new and more modern. I also hoped changing the mirror would make the bathroom look larger as well. I love the way the room turned out and so far it’s actually my favorite room redo. I’m trying to decide whether to take on the family room or the spare bedroom next.  Either way I’ll post the changes as I make them. I hope everyone has a good week!

Paint: Silver Bullet by Behr (Home Depot)

Mirror: This one from Home Depot

Shower Curtain: Nordstrom

Towel: Pottery Barn (old)

Picture: Got this at a poster sale in college many years ago

Backsplash is In!

The backslash is FINALLY in! John and I bought the materials for the back splash months ago. We had every intention of installing it ourselves, but life got in the way. Luckily, my dad recently hired a general contractor to do some work around his house and asked him how much he would charge to install a back splash.  By this point I had already removed all the wallpaper so everything was ready to go. The contractor gave a bid for a great price and a few weeks later our back splash was up! these pictures don’t do it justice.  I also realize that the back splash looks very busy in the photos, but in person it is not. I am terrible at taking photos.  The next big plans we have for the kitchen are a new chandelier, paint the cabinets, crown molding, and counter tops. Then the kitchen is all done! At least 2 things on the list are small, easy fixes.

I think we are going to find a new chandelier for the kitchen this weekend, but I’m not 100% sure on that yet. I’ll be sure to post when we do. Happy weekend, friends



Finally, finally John and I got a new rug for the living room. I’ve known which rug we were going to get for close to two months now, but we every weekend John and I have been so busy that we hadn’t had a chance to go get the rug. I know what some of you are thinking, why not just order it? Well, ordering larger pieces of furniture can be pricey, not just because of the shipping, but because of the added surcharge. And why pay for shipping and the surcharge when Pottery Barn is 10 minutes up the road? So here is my brand new Empire Scroll Rug from Pottery Barn. I LOVE it and I love how the blue brightens up the room as well. Below are two pictures I snapped of the new rug and a small part of our living room. Sorry for the poor lighting. we have these large windows and even with the curtains closed there was a glare.

IMG_3354 IMG_3355

You can’t see it, but behind the couch, pushed up against the back of the couch, are two end tables and a small book case. My new project is to find one piece of furniture to replace these three. I want a cabinet/bookcase combination. Currently the book case is serving as John’s music stand. The shelves are full of his records and record player. It’s a perfect place for his collection, but I hate that it’s three pieces of furniture when I know it can easily be one piece. I feel wasteful and cluttered with 3 pieces of furniture there. I’m thinking of something similar to this Printer’s Glass Cabinet or this Noche Media Storage. We are also keeping our eyes open for a new tv stand. Currently our tv sits on a coffee table, which is nice, but means the tv sits lower than we’d like it to. Plus I would like to get rid of some more furniture and a tv stand with storage would allow us to get rid of a piece of furniture we are hanging on to purely to store dvds and such. My parents have some truly amazing furniture (including a tv stand) my dad got at unfinished furniture stores and then finished himself. But all of those stores have since closed in Richmond, which makes me really sad. If anyone has any furniture places they enjoy shopping at, I’d love to get some recommendations.

Finally, I still have a hutch my sister-in-law gave us that I want to paint. I’m not sure what color to paint it. Based on the photos above if anyone has any suggestions or specific paint colors, please share! I’m at a loss as to what color to paint it.

Dream Bedroom

Dream Bedroom