Maternity Wear

One thing  I have struggled with since becoming pregnant is finding maternity that I actually like. I’ve always been picky when it comes to my clothes, so it’s really no surprise I’m picky when it comes to my maternity clothes as well.  After countless hours of shopping I finally decided the best thing to do is just buy a maternity item or two as I find them and deem them worthy of my closet. I have a few tops, sweaters, pants, and dresses that will get me through two weeks no problem. I’m constantly on the hunt for a few more items, particularly pants, but I’m really in no rush. I know as my bump continues to grow I may have to alter what I’m looking for. Plus I’ll be pregnant through winter and early spring so I may be adding more spring dresses later in my pregnancy. Below are a few of my favorite items I own and a few that I’m thinking about purchasing. If you have any  recommendations on maternity pants, not jeans, I’d love to hear them. I can only seem to find cropped pants, which I don’t like, or pants made from fabric that feels really cheap.


Row 1 Left to Right: Green top / navy & pink topPink top / White top/ Plaid top

Row 2 Left to Right: Black lace dress / Black dress / Gray Henley dress / Gray dress with trim / Red pants / pants

I own the black lace dress, green top, pink and navy topred pants and plaid top and LOVE them. all are easy to wear and care for and are high quality. The fabric feels great. I also just ordered this top and these jeans. I’m counting down the days until they come because I can’t wait to try them out.