LED Bathroom Sink Faucet

Yea, if that title seems a bit weird I can understand why. Thursday night I got up to use the restroom and when I walked in I noticed a small stream of water coming from the faucet. I assumed someone had just not turned the water off all the way; no big deal. Well, when I went to turned the knob on the faucet I found it was turned all the way off. I woke up John and he discovered the water line had a hole in it, the pipe under the sink had cracked, and there was another issue with a part (I can’t remember which part) under the knob. John turned off the water saying he’d go to Home Depot in the morning and get everything to fix it. While John was at Home Depot he texted me and asked what I thought about just getting a whole new faucet, “sure!” John picked out (and he did a great job) a matted silver faucet with an LED light. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I got a text that there was an LED light on the new sink. I pretty sure I was thinking of a night club. Either way, I love it! the LED light isn’t noticeable when looking at the faucet and I quickly found it is very nice at night to not have a bright light glaring at you during a 2am bathroom break. What’s more, both John and I were amazed at how a simple faucet upgrade can really refresh/upgrade a small bathroom. It is a really simple and reasonably inexpensive upgrade.

Since buying a house any extra money we have goes to upgrading or changing things in the house we don’t like. The house itself is in amazing condition and was well cared for and maintained. All the changes we are making are purely cosmetic and I love quick little fixes like this.



A Few of My Favorite Gifts

I am very lucky to have such a generous family. Every year I struggle to make a Christmas list, but when I do manage to get one written my family and John always seem to work together to get me exactly the right items, whether they are on my list or not. This year I received many wonderful gifts, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites. xmas

Patagonia Retool // Plaid Shirt // Patagonia Vest // Fitbit // Google chromecast // Kate Spade Wallet // Glamglow Mask Treatment Set  // Pond’s Dry Skin Cream  // Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub  *not photoed is Owl Crate

Christmas Wish List

As I get older my Christmas Wish List gets harder to write. Typically when creating my list for my parents or John, I try to keep a few things in mind, but the two top questions i ask myself are what do I really need and will I use this item a lot? I have spent the last two years trying to de-clutter our house and expel any none wanted and used items to some vortex in a far away galaxy, some call it goodwill.  This year I decided to put a few staples on my list, a few splurges (that I am not expecting to get), and a few items I’d love to have ( example nicer soap or lotion) but won’t spend the money on. What is on everyone else’s Christmas list? How do you decide what to ask for? When is too old to even make a Christmas list?

wish list 2018

Watch / Tory Burch Purse / micro fleece blanketBurberry Make Up SamplePhilosophy Grace soap and lotionJ. Crew pjs  / White pjs / Open cardigan / Patagonia retool / Booties / Ugg Slipper / Free People Blue Top


A few things about some of the gifts I choose:

Pjs: I ask for PJS every year. It is an easy gift for those who don’t like to shop, but don’t want to give a gift card AND you can get pjs anywhere. My mother-in-law gave my a cute pair with foxes from Old Navy, they are very soft and a good thickness AND they were only $7!

micro fleece blanket: I gave this as a gift to one of Wallace’s teachers, Target only $20! I also had it monogramed for $8 to make it a little more personal

Christmas List, Do I really Need One?

As I’ve gotten older my Christmas list has become harder and harder to make; which is a real surprise when you think about it. I have decided the reason my Christmas list is becoming more difficult to create is the result of a handful or reasons.

1. As I’ve gotten older I just buy what I need when I need it. I used to use Christmas and my birthday as a way to get stuff I needed or wanted that I otherwise wouldn’t have the money to get. Now that I am older and work full time I “have” the money to buy the things I need when I need them.

2. I have stopped impulsively buying or putting things on my wish list. I take the time to truly thing, is this something I want? Is this something I need? Is this something I will use often? I will place an item in my shopping cart and leave it there for a few days. If after 4 or 5 days I’m still thinking about the item, I put it on my list. If I am not still thinking about it or completely forget about it, then I obviously don’t really want it and delete it from my cart. My wants have decreased in part because I don’t have the time to mindless online shop online like I used to. Thank you motherhood.

3. Stuff isn’t a priority anymore. By stuff I mean clothes, shoes, and accessories. Now I find myself wanting new counter tops, back splash, things for the house.  I’d much rather have someone give me money to pay a bill or daycare. Again, I just don’t need things anymore unless something breaks or completely wears out.

4. I don’t want junk in our house. The last 3 years I feel like I’ve been working endlessly to get rid of all the clothes and stuff in our house that we don’t need or use. My biggest fear when John and I bought our house was that we would again start to accumulate stuff we didn’t need or use because we have so much storage. I’ve become very lax over the last 6 months and I can see stuff piling up all ready. So over the next few weeks I’ll be throwing away, donating, and listing items to get them out of our house for good.

5. Christmas is more about my son. Instead of getting stuff for myself, I’d rather get him a nicer toy or something he will really love. Wallace is my focus and I’m happy to do without so he has an amazing Christmas.

All that being said, I’m still going to post a gift idea list for someone like myself; someone who doesn’t really need anything, but you may still need to find a gift for. Look for that in a few days : )

P.S. If you are looking for some great Christmas items for low prices, please checkout my items for sale on Poshmark. I am accepting all reasonable offers. I have tons of J. Crew, Anthropologie, and a few kids items.