SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub

You guys, I am about to tell you about the best face and body scrub. I found SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub while searching for something to help my dry skin, which is somehow oily in certain spots. I have been very lucky that, for the most part, I’ve had great skin and only really had bad breakouts when I was 25-27 years old, right before my wedding and when I was pregnant. However, this winter has been especially harsh on my skin giving me super dry skin (even my son’s cheeks are unusually dry) and about 6 weeks ago I started to have terrible breakouts. Desperate for something to help my skin I began googling and that is when I stumbled upon SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub . My sister had asked me what I wanted for Christmas and not really knowing what I wantedtold her a gift card. When I found this scrub I sent her the link and retracted my previous request for this stuff instead. I have a great sister because she gave me a J.Crew gift card and the scrub.

soap and glory

A few quick things about SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub , because I don’t want to draw this out #bedtime.

  1. When I saw that the scent is Maple I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t want to walk around smelling like syrup all day. Once I smelled the scrub my mind was easily changed. The scent is definitely a maple scent, yet, it is not over powering.
  2.  SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub  is not joking around. This sh*t works! I noticed after the first time I used it a difference in my skin. My skin was softer and not as dry. After a few days of using the scrub nightly I noticed not only was my skin better, but my face was clearing up as well. I am convinced dead skin traps oils and helps cause breakouts. This scrub removes that thin layer with no irritations, for me at least and I have very sensitive skin.
  3. Per the label, the scrub is a body scrub and can be used anywhere. My whole life I have never been able to find a lotion that can help hydrate my biceps and they are forever dry and red. I used the scrub and within a week noticed my arms looked so much better! No longer were my arms red and dry.
  4.  SOAP & GLORY Breakfast Scrub is only $15!!!! there is really no reason not to buy it. I am always going to have a jar in my shower from here on out. I actually like the scrub so much I bought some of their hand lotion and love it as well.                                                                                                                                                                                 Soap and Glory is an amazing brand, their products deliver, smell great and have affordable price points. Check out more of their amazing products here