My Love for Red Pants

red pants

White Blazer / Gray Graphic Tee / Red Pants / Sandals / Necklace

I LOVE red pants. About 7 years ago I bought a pair from J. Crew and wore them all the time. The pants literally fell apart. Then about 4 years ago I bought a pair of brick red pants from American Eagle and wore them all the time. I started to worry about two years ago because my favorite and only pair of red pants were becoming threadbare. I kept checking American Eagle stores and online hoping they would bring back my beloved red pants, but for two years nothing. Then three weeks ago I randomly decided to check and saw that my red pants were back! I was so excited and I couldn’t order them fast enough. Since receiving these amazing pants in the mail, I’ve worn them at least twice a week. Seriously, at least twice a week. There isn’t a single thing about these pants I dislike. They are soft, flattering, have a hint of stretch, machine washable, and the color is perfect. To be honest, I love them so much I order the same skinny pants in white and now I am thinking about ordering navy blue pair as well. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and order a pair of these pants ASAP.

J Crew Factory recently released a new Spring line, and of course, I have the longest wish list ever. I did order a few items because the factory is currently running a 50% off all items promotion, no code needed, and wanted to get some things while they were relatively cheap. One of the pieces I ordered is the gray graphic tee featured above. I wanted to share a way I wore the graphic tee and red pants this past week. My white linen blazer is from a few years ago, but I linked to a current version currently on promotion and I swapped out the sandals for flats to make the outfit more work appropriate (I work at an office that has a casual dress code, but I still tend to dress up a bit more than others).

Does anyone else love red pants as much as I do? I’d love to hear some outfit ideas. Happy Saturday!


Surprise! We Moved


Surprise! John and I moved to RVA Saturday morning and we couldn’t be happier. John and I arrived around 8pm Saturday evening and with the help of my parents, sister, and her boyfriend, we had the truck unloaded in about 2 hours.  The truck was 26 feet long and we needed every inch of that space.

I truly loath unpacking and after this move it will be particularly bad. I didn’t have time to properly pack, so we ended up with a good deal of “boxes of fun.” When I say “boxes of fun” I mean boxes that are full of just random items that all go in different places. Those ALWAYS take longer to unpack. John and I will be busy unpacking over the next few days, but hopefully I can share some pictures of our new place soon. We painted the bedroom a pretty gray color and I think it looks very nice. Now we just need to pick out a rug.  Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday 🙂

Image041920151302071My co-pilot for the ride to RVA. Don’t be fooled, Otis hates riding in the car

Easy Weekend Wear

weekend wear

Loft: Top / J. Crew: Shorts / Tory Burch: Sandals / Bracelet / NordstromNecklace / J. Crew: Bag

I love lounging around in workout shorts and t-shirts just as much as the next person, but every now and then I need to look a little nicer on the weekends. I decided to put together an outfit I’d wear to some place nice on a Saturday or Sunday…or an outfit I’d wear out shopping with my mom or sister. Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Friday!!

Almost Friday

I’m not sure where this week has gone, but I am so happy tomorrow is Friday. Not a whole lot has happened since the last time I posted. John and I celebrated Easter with my parents in Richmond and I started a new job.I know that technically it is Spring, but with all this nasty chilly weather we’ve had the last few days, you’d never know it was Spring. When I say nasty weather, I mean it’s been cold, rainy and gloomy. Normally I love lazy rainy days, but this weather has prevents us from taking Otis on his usual long walks and I think we are all getting a little restless without our usual family walk in the evening. Hopefully the weather will clear up soon.

In other random news, lately I’ve been really into flowy blouses. I love how the flowy blouses offset skinny jeans/pants; plus the shape looks cute tucked into skirts and work well with blazers and sweaters. I have my eye on quite a few, but last weekend I bought this cute boho-esk flowy top from Loft and then today I got this eyelet hem stitched peasant top from Madewell (on sale plus an additional 30% off) on my lunch break. #lunchbreakwellspent

One more thing before I rush off, I’ve never been a fan of maxi-dresses, I know people swear by them, but I just don’t get them. However, I am in love with this floral maxi dress from Shopbop. It’s way out of my price range, which is a good thing because I don’t know when or where I’d wear it…but I still love it. Also, bucket bags are on trend right now and this is one of the few trends I can get behind. I’m debating between these three                1. Madewell  2. Rebecca Minkoff 3. J. Crew  Which bucket bag would you get? I’m leaning towards J. Crew ones because I love J. Crew, but maybe I’d like a fun summer bucket bag, like the Rebecca Minkoff bag.

Happy Thursday or as some call it Friday eve!!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

IMG_3277We are awkward in photos. P.S John got me this necklace for Easter! I love it and its actually smaller and more delicate in person than the necklace appears online. I think I need the blue one too, right?

John’s suit and dress shirt : J. Crew ( here and here) / tie: Ralph Lauren (old) shoes: Cole Haan (I couldn’t find the style he’s wearing, but they are oxfords)

Merritt: Dress: CeCe / pearls: J. Crew

Beaufort, SC + Alice and Brock’s Wedding

This past weekend John and I were honored to attend our friends Alice and Brock’s wedding in Beaufort, SC.  Beaufort is absolutly beautiful and had this interesting blend of New Orleans and old Southern Gothic style.  Our trip was entirely too short. We were only there for the weekend, but John and I are already talking about hopfully returning this summer and spending a week there. It’s a charming little area with so many shops, great food, and beautiful scenery. John and I walked around for a few hours on Saturday before we had to get ready for the wedding and I don’t think there is an unattractive spot in that city, well that we could find. If you can, I recommend getting a hotel on the main street because everything is within walking distance and you don’t have to worry about finding parking. That being said, John and I stayed at the Holiday Inn 2 miles from main street area and we had no problem finding parking at any point.

Alice and Brock were married at the The First African Baptist Church (with an amazing choir) and the reception was held at the Beaufort Arsenal. I loved the reception location. It reminded me a great deal of the Alamo. I wish I had taken more photos, but I was having so much fun I just forgot about my camera. I also regret not having my camera out to record some of the band. I need to find out the name of this band, but they were AMAZING. They had the perfect blend of dance oldies (they sang December 63′ perfectly) and current songs. I’d buy their CD. I wish they had a CD.

Sorry for the short post, but John and I have been very busy this past week. We are making BIG changes and I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything. Hopefully some fun pictures make up for it. I’m off to tackle a never ending “To Do” list. Happy Tuesday!!

bay-street-beaufort Beaufort_SC IMG_3232 IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3238 IMG_3239