Shoe Whore

I’m not sure when I started liking shoes, but it must have been in the last two or three weeks because I just bought 3 pairs of shoes! I NEVER buy shoes, I hate shoe shopping and I’m really picky about shoes. I have attempted to figure out why I don’t like shoes and why I am so picky, I regularly come back to these 7 reasons:

  1. I have a small foot (I border between adult and kids shoes) and it’s hard to find shoes I like in a small enough size.
  2. I have a wide foot and narrow heel, shoes tend to flop on my heel or be too tight at the top
  3. I hate toe cleavage
  4. All I need are the basic shoes: black and brown heels, black, navy, and brown flats, and some sandals
  5. All the shoes I tend to fall in love with are expensive (I love Tory Burch, J. Crew, C. Wonder, L.K. Bennett), so I have to save up to buy them; then I feel like I have to wear the expensive flats all the time to get my money’s worth out of them. However, I do prefer quality to quantity.
  6. Forever I worked jobs that required me to stand a great deal or do large amounts of walking. Thus I never wanted to wear heels; I lived in flats because they are easy and comfy.
  7. I have no idea what to wear with patterned or bold color shoes with. I’m really bad at making an outfit around a pair of shoes.

So here I am with 3 new pairs of shoes that I am actually really excited about. I’m just throwing this out there, but maybe I liked that I ordered them online and didn’t have to go through the hassle of shoe shopping in a store. I had the option of mailing back what I didn’t like or didn’t fit and didn’t have to fight a crowd or wait for really bad customer service from a sales rep. Shopping at home is so much easier, yes?


From left to right:  Isabelle Printed Bow Pumps / Suede Kitten Heel Pump Almond Toe Cork Wedge 


Bridal Shower What We Wore

I was pleasantly surprised to receive some messages from people asking where various articles of clothing worn at the Bridal Shower (yesterday’s post) are from. So, I decided to do a “What We Wore” post. Bare with me while I attempt a few “what I/We Wore” posts. I may do ok and keep going or I may do terribly and abandon them. Only time will tell.ImageLeft to Right: Me. Megan, Caroline

Me: Anthropologie Teahouse dress, J Crew Tippi Cardigan (black)

Megan: J Crew Jackie Cardigan (aqua pool), J. Crew Scalloped dress (navy) or J. Crew Factory Scalloped Shift dress (3 colors)

Caroline: J Crew Vinedress (last year) J. Crew Jackie Cardigan (navy)


As you can probably tell, we like J. Crew

Bridal Shower

This past weekend John, the fur babies, and I took a little weekend get-away to Richmond to visit my family. Luckily, this weekend was also a friend’s bridal shower, one my mom and her friend happened to be throwing. Funny how those things work out. Anyways, the shower was very pretty, and “fresh”. I say fresh because my mom and her friend Stephanie decorated in the bride’s wedding colors, purple and sage green, but also mixed in some white which is, what I think, made everything looks so clean, fresh, and very spring. Here are a few pictures from the shower. I look like a hot mess, most likely because John and I didn’t get in until midnight and I was lacking on sleep, but everyone looks great. Try and have a happy Monday, everyone!


Spring Sales

I know very few, if any, people who do not like a sale. I am a big online shopper, but when it’s nice I enjoy talking a nice walk around the mall…in addition to a park or around the block with my cute little dog Otis. That random bit of info being said, here are a few sales currently going on that I thought I’d pass along for all you fine shoppers looking for some new spring goodies.

  1. GAP 30% off Sale: enter SPRING at checkout, or in stores present email
  2. C. Wonder 50% off sale items, occurs automatically during checkout
  3. J. Crew: 30% off selected styles for men, women, and kids, and up to 50% off sale items: use code GOSHOP for both
  4. J. Crew Factory 25% off everything: use code SALE25
  5. Ann Taylor Loft 50% off everything: use code RUSH50
  6. Anthropologie- 20% off select shoes: discount reflected in red
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue 25% off select apparel, shoes, and accessories and 20% off jewlery: enter FRNFAM at checkout (good until April 28th)



Winston’s Revenge

Yesterday, John and I had to take our fur babies to the vet, which is always fun. Sissy is healthy and has gained 2lbs from last time, she now weighs 7.14lbs. She is just so tiny. Winston on the other hand, he is my healthy eater and weighs 13lbs and has to lose 2lbs, which he is not happy about. Typically, these spolied babies split a can of wet food in the morning and then a can in the evening, so they get a total of 1 can a day each. We also leave out some grain free dry food for them to snack on as they want. Winston tends to go overboard with the dry food and eats it whenever there is dry food in the bowl; I think he stress eats too. So, John and I decided to not leave out the dry food and just give him his normal half can of wet food in the morning and half in the evening. Sissy we will give a handful of dry food to as long as we can stand there and keep Winston from being a food thief. We enacted this new food routine yesterday at noon.

Since noon yesterday, Winston has not been happy. He walked around the house pouting and being ill tempered because we took him to the vet, updated him on his shots, and now don’t have dry food out. I could tell he was plotting something. Sure enough, at 3:30am Winston put plan “Revenge on Mom and Dad” into action and began meowing at 3-6 second intervals. I got up and put him in the bed with us and started petting him in an attempt to calm down. He finally did. Then, as soon as Winston knew John and I were asleep, he started meowing again. Winston kept this up for about 2 hours until he tired himself out and went to sleep, after he kicked/commandeered Otis’s (our dog) crate. Poor Otis, into the bed he went. Side note, Otis normally sleeps in the bed with us, but sometimes he hops down to have Otis nights in his crate, he loves his crate for some reason, but Winston now loves the crate too. Winston was happy this morning when he was finally able to have breakfast, at 5:30am. Yay, Winston! He’s a happy black cat again….

However, John emailed me and said since about 9am Winston has been meowing at the empty dry food bowl and throwing a tantrum. He also keeps pawing at the cupboard where we keep the dry food trying to get in, crazy kitty. I am hoping all this pouting and stomping around will help him lose the two pounds sooner so we can start putting the tiniest bit of dry food out again. Until then we are going to have to make do with our two year old in disguise of a cat.

There is never a dull moment with cats around.

P.S. Winston is now playing with bubble wrap, all may be right in the world yet.

ImageWinston mourning the loss of his dry food Continue reading

Oral Surgery + New Clothes

I had emergency oral surgery on my tooth Tuesday and it was absolutely miserable. On the way home I told John” I think I should get some new clothes or shoes because that was excruciatingly painful,” and he agreed! I’m so excited to say I got this J. Crew linen mini in green, these J. Crew mint matchstick jeans (which I am hoping are darker in person, otherwise I’ll send them back), and best of all L.K. Bennett wedges! They are like these pictured below only mine are nude color ( which I couldn’t find online for some reason), I wanted a practical color for my first pair and since I don’t wear black shoes too often in the spring and summer, I figured a nude color was the way to go, plus I can still wear nude in the fall, and I think winter, right?

I am usually very very fastidious about my shoes. I don’t own that many, what kind of a girl am I?, only because I am so picky. I have a small foot and tend to be between sizes, so when I do find a shoe that fits great and I like, I tend to just buy it and not care too much about the price (don’t get me wrong, I do pay attention to the price, but if it’s a little more expensive that’s ok), because my shoes are an investment. My foot isn’t growing, I like to by classic shoes that go with everything or most clothing and I take really good care of my things. Certain articles of clothing and accessories are investments and I argue it’s better to pay more for a quality, classic item then buy a cheap one that one has to replace in a year or two because it fell apart due to its cheap construction.
How do feel about purchasing certain items for more? Are you’re a quality over quantity type of shopper? Do you think your style has anything to do with how much you will pay for an item?

What B & E Wore

Occasionally I’ll be making a post called “What B & E Wore”. Two friends of mine who love to wear J. Crew and occasionally (purposefully) match. Here is their first look, and I think, a great outfit idea for Easter. Cheers, everyone!

  1. Image1. Seersucker Eyelet Shift Dress
  2. Jackie Cardigan in Navy
  3. Pearl Twisted Hammock Necklace
  4. Jack Rogers

To dress it up a little more for church or Easter Lunch, try a simple heel or cute wedge sandal. Happy Shopping!