A Review of Some Recent Purchases

Halogen Sweatshirt– When I saw this blue sweatshirt I immediately felt I had to have it, despite 20 other sweatshirts sitting in my closet. I love the bright blue color and the cute little tie detail on the sleeves. I ordered the sweatshirt in a size small and was so disappointed. The small was too big, somewhat shocking, and looked very boxy on me. I ordered the x-small, but it too didn’t fit right. The fit was better, but overall it was not a flattering look on me. Sadly, I returned both and have had to pass on this item. Side note, I first saw this sweatshirt on Simply Lauren Rose. She looked so cute in it and paired her sweatshirt with dark skinny jeans and booties for a more finished look and less lounge around the house. I’m so jealous; I really wanted this top to work out.

Funnel Neck – You guys, I love this top so much that I bought it in the navy and white stripe, wore it twice and then immediately ordered the gray. While I like the gray, I think I like the navy and white more. The navy funnel neck is a waffle material and because of that, I feel, it holds it’s shape a little better. The gray is more of a thin sweatshirt style, but is still very warm. I love bumming around in one of these on the weekends with leggings or changing into one when I get home from work. The funnel neck is also great for layering. Typically, I wear mine with a tank or short sleeve tee underneath. When I go the slacker route and wear one of the funnel necks out to run errands, when it was colder, I paired them with leggings and one of J. Crew’s zip up exersion vests, and my new balance sneakers.  Great buy, in my opinion, and highly recommended. J. Crew factory has been doing a lot of sales lately, and recently these bad boys were 40-50% off.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder – I’m not a “make-up person” so to speak, by make-up person I mean one who wanders around Sephora endlessly looking at products, wanting to try them all or watching youtube videos on make-up. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with people who do this, I am just not one of them. I tend to take a very natural and simplistic approach when it comes to my make-up because by the end of the day, I’ve rubbed most of it off anyways by running my hands over my face in exasperation or exhaustion or my dog has licked it off giving me his sweet doggie kisses. I’ve been thinking about bronzer since my sister got married and decided to go for it. I did a little bit of research online and the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder seemed to be highly recommended, and at a $44 price point it wasn’t terrible either. I got the natural color and have been pleasantly surprised. I really like the bronzer. I was worried the bronzer would give me a fake tan appearance or cause my face to look a lot darker than the rest of me causing a neon fake bronzer sign to appear above my head. I was so happy to see that the bronzing powder did none of this. In fact, it gives me the perfect amount of color without causing me to look like I have a fake tan. I have added the bronzer into my morning make-up routine and haven’t regretted it yet. 5 stars, my friend. Invest.

Urban Decay Naked Color Corrector – I cannot for the life of me remember what made me buy this, either an ad in a magazine or another blogger perhaps, but either way, this stuff really does work. I got the Pink because the description stated “Pink: disguises dark circles, particularly on fair skin tones, and works well as a highlighter to create a lifted appearance.” I have dark circles under my eyes courtesy of my love of being a night owl combined with being the mom of an almost 2 year old, thus I don’t get much sleep. The color corrector helps A LOT with my dark circles. I still use concealer on top of the color corrector along with Clinique  powder to set everything.

Free People Top– now on sale, runs big. I wanted to like this shirt. Online the blue is such a beautiful color and I love the embroidery around the buttons. I ordered this and quickly found it runs very, very large and the blue is more drab in person. I didn’t even bother trying a smaller size and just returned it. bummer


Christmas Wish List

As I get older my Christmas Wish List gets harder to write. Typically when creating my list for my parents or John, I try to keep a few things in mind, but the two top questions i ask myself are what do I really need and will I use this item a lot? I have spent the last two years trying to de-clutter our house and expel any none wanted and used items to some vortex in a far away galaxy, some call it goodwill.  This year I decided to put a few staples on my list, a few splurges (that I am not expecting to get), and a few items I’d love to have ( example nicer soap or lotion) but won’t spend the money on. What is on everyone else’s Christmas list? How do you decide what to ask for? When is too old to even make a Christmas list?

wish list 2018

Watch / Tory Burch Purse / micro fleece blanketBurberry Make Up SamplePhilosophy Grace soap and lotionJ. Crew pjs  / White pjs / Open cardigan / Patagonia retool / Booties / Ugg Slipper / Free People Blue Top


A few things about some of the gifts I choose:

Pjs: I ask for PJS every year. It is an easy gift for those who don’t like to shop, but don’t want to give a gift card AND you can get pjs anywhere. My mother-in-law gave my a cute pair with foxes from Old Navy, they are very soft and a good thickness AND they were only $7!

micro fleece blanket: I gave this as a gift to one of Wallace’s teachers, Target only $20! I also had it monogramed for $8 to make it a little more personal


Whether it’s tops, shorts, home goods, or accessories, I love me some gingham. This past week I was wasting time on the J. Crew website when I came across these adorable green gingham shorts. I knew I had to have them. Luckily I had ordered a jacket that I was returning and decided to do an exchange instead. These shorts are linen and have an elastic tie waist that can be tightened using ties that are on the side. However, these shorts run very large and I went down a size (x-small). If you happen to love the style of these shorts but not the pattern, fear not! they come in solid colors too.  I also snagged this gingham shirt in aqua. It’s on sale with an additional 30% off using the code SHOPNOW.


                                  red top/ stripe shorts/ tortoise necklace/ gingham clutch/ sandals                                                        white top/ gingham shorts /  gold necklace / gold sandals                                              gingham button down/ white shorts / necklace / bag / shoes

Red + Gray

We are currently snowed in, which isn’t too bad because I can hang out in sweatpants all day. However being stuck indoors can create other issues like pigging out on junk food and cabin fever. In an effort to fight boredom I was going through my closet and I came up with a what I’d be wearing if I weren’t pregnant outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying being pregnant, except for the swelling and struggle of finding maternity clothes I really like, but at the same time I can’t wait for Wallace to get here so we can finally meet him. To those of you fighting the snow, please be safe and enjoy your time indoors. 🙂

red and gray

Cashmere Turtle Neck / Watch / Scarf (last year similar linked) / Light Gray Tee / Bag / Skirt (limited selection of colors left) / Boots / Brown Tights


A Day Off

I haven’t had a day off since March. Well, my office was closed for July 4th the Friday before, but otherwise, no time off. Obviously I have been feeling a bit burnt out, and I desperately needed a day or two away from work. I have a fair amount of PTO left so I decided to take off Thursday and Friday. I had all these plans for Thursday which ended up changing (right down to the sleeping in) because John bought a car.

We had casually been talking about him getting a new car, but nothing was really set in stone. Then a few nights ago John found a Volvo S80 for an amazing price and set out with my dad to test drive it on Tuesday night. Thursday we ended up buying the car which turned into, what felt like, an all day ordeal. No joke. From 8:30am until about 3pm we were doing car purchasing related activities (taking the potential car to our own mechanic, getting quotes on his car, driving back and forth between dealers to see what other cars were available) and I won’t lie, I was not happy about it. I hate purchasing cars or electronics and I much prefer John just bring home whatever it is he’s buying.


After we got John his new car, I met some friends for lunch then ran a few errands. I had every intention of cooking, but because I got such a late start to my day, I didn’t get home until almost 7pm. Luckily I had decided to stop and get John some tacos at Rico’s so I didn’t have to worry about cooking.

Friday I did get to sleep in! John took Otis for a walk before he left for work which meant I got to sleep in until about 10am. It was glorious. Around 12:30pm my mom came and picked me up for a mother daughter day, I guess you can call it. We went to Red Door Spa and got mini Oxygen Infusion Facials (more to come on that) then enjoyed lunch at Baker’s Crust, walked around the mall a little, and then came home. I even managed to make a pot roast and brown rice for dinner. I cheated with dessert and stopped The Cheesecake Factory and got us each a slice of our favorite cheesecake. Then after a nice long walk, I stayed up late reading and doing a little online shopping. J. Crew was running this amazing sale of an additional 40-75% off sale items when you use your J.Crew credit card. Typically I don’t like to use my J. Crew credit card for anything, but I couldn’t pass this deal up! Below is a list of the items I bought. Can you tell I like stripes and can you believe I got all of that for just $85!!!! What an amazing and relaxing day. It was just what I wanted.

The rest of the weekend went by as normal, cleaning, running on the treadmill, taking Otis for walks, just hanging out. I’m really glad I decided to take off two days and those two days happened to be the same days my mom had taken off as well and we got to hang out. At my last job I was never able to really take any time off from work. So I’m still getting used to having all this PTO, but after Friday I can’t say I’m hating it. Happy Monday!

ghred stripe dress / green tee / football tee in navy stripe  / textured stripe shortsindigo stripe shorts / white pom pom shorts (these were only $8!)

Blush Cashmere

I know it’s only July, but I’m already dreaming of fall. I love everything about fall, from the clothes, to the food, the holidays, the outdoor activities, the colors, just everything. So while others are still planning beach trips and spending lazy Saturdays at the pool, I’m thinking of ways to transition some summer pieces, like skirts, into fall pieces. Because let’s face it, depending on where you live, the first month of fall is always still hot. I came up with this outfit and I must say, I’m pretty darn in love with it. Maybe it’s time to go shopping…. jcrew.com is offering an additional 30% off and the sweater AND skirt are both on sale. Side note about the shoes, I’ve been coveting these sandals since last year but they are always sold out in my size. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed though. Happy Tuesday, everyone! We are one more day closer to the weekend. #thankgoodness

blush cashmere

Cashmere Hoodie / Polka Dot Skirt / Handbag / Sandals / Bangle / Earrings

Productive Weekend + New Chair

How was everyone’s weekend? Mondays always bum me out because its the beginning of the work week. I don’t know many people who like Mondays, but I’m sure they are out there.

This weekend was surprisingly productive. Saturday Otis and I went on two long walks around the lake, one in the morning and one in the evening, I did laundry, cleaned the house, and even got to read a little. I also had every intention of rug shopping, really I did, but instead I ended up going to the mall to visit my friend Liz at J. Crew and got a tad bit distracted. J. Crew is having this amazing sale in stores 40% off sale clothes 50% off sale accessories, and 25% off shorts. I figured with a sale like that it was a great time to stock up on a few items for summer. I also popped into Madewell where I got this amazing dress (it’s so much better in person) for 25% off.

Capture Surfer Socks / Fish Socks / Gingham Button Down / Madewell Dress / Shorts

J. Crew and Madewell weren’t my only stops at the mall. As I’ve shared on my little blog before, John and I are working on replacing and getting some things we need for our house. I ran into Pottery Barn to check on my dream rug, still there, and to see if they had any cute free standing paper towel racks. No, they don’t. So I decided to do a quick walk through at Crate and Barrel. I have nothing against Crate and Barrel, but typically their furniture and housewares are a bit too modern for my taste. But I decided to check for a paper towel holder anyway because they do have very reasonably priced random kitchen items. I struck out on the paper towel holder, however I did score this amazing chair for $45!!!  John and I have a desk in the spare room but no chair. We’ve never really searched for a desk chair just because there have been other more important items we need for the house first. Yet today, there it was, the perfect little desk chair and on sale, marked down from $150, and absolutely nothing wrong with it.

To be honest, when I first saw that this chair was only $45 I thought there was an error with the price and asked a sales woman. She said the chair was part of a set of 4, but the other 3 had been sold. The chair had been marked down several times and there was no way I was letting this bad boy get away from me.


I snapped this picture before placing the chair at the desk in the spare room. While I would love to share a photo of this cute chair in it’s new home, our spare room is a bit of a mess. John and I did get a cheaper rug to put in the spare room for now, and currently stuff is everywhere from where we had to move furniture to lay the rug down. Very rarely have I found such a great find for the house. Usually I just suck it up and pay full price for whatever it is so I don’t have to keep hunting, especially if I love the item. I’m still full of excitement, is that weird? Probably. But it really is the little things in life.

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and don’t be too upset that it’s Monday.