Oral Surgery + New Clothes

I had emergency oral surgery on my tooth Tuesday and it was absolutely miserable. On the way home I told John” I think I should get some new clothes or shoes because that was excruciatingly painful,” and he agreed! I’m so excited to say I got this J. Crew linen mini in green, these J. Crew mint matchstick jeans (which I am hoping are darker in person, otherwise I’ll send them back), and best of all L.K. Bennett wedges! They are like these pictured below only mine are nude color ( which I couldn’t find online for some reason), I wanted a practical color for my first pair and since I don’t wear black shoes too often in the spring and summer, I figured a nude color was the way to go, plus I can still wear nude in the fall, and I think winter, right?

I am usually very very fastidious about my shoes. I don’t own that many, what kind of a girl am I?, only because I am so picky. I have a small foot and tend to be between sizes, so when I do find a shoe that fits great and I like, I tend to just buy it and not care too much about the price (don’t get me wrong, I do pay attention to the price, but if it’s a little more expensive that’s ok), because my shoes are an investment. My foot isn’t growing, I like to by classic shoes that go with everything or most clothing and I take really good care of my things. Certain articles of clothing and accessories are investments and I argue it’s better to pay more for a quality, classic item then buy a cheap one that one has to replace in a year or two because it fell apart due to its cheap construction.
How do feel about purchasing certain items for more? Are you’re a quality over quantity type of shopper? Do you think your style has anything to do with how much you will pay for an item?