Post Baby

I’m so sorry to stay away so long, but the arrival of our sweet little boy has left me little time for anything other than short naps when he’s napping.

One of the things that really annoyed me when I was pregnant was when other parents would tell me “you have no idea what’s coming”. I always wanted to tell them, you didn’t either, you just happened to have a child before I did and experience has been your education. That being said, I wanted to share five things I have learned in the two weeks Wallace has been home. I hope you find some of what I have to suggest helpful. Just remember, all babies and pregnancies are different as are recoveries. Recover at your pace and at your comfort level.

  1. Buy lots of anti-bacterial hand soap, seriously. I knew hand washing would double once Wallace got here, but for some reason in all the chaos of getting ready for a baby it never dawned on me that more hand washing = more soap. Dumb, I know, but  stock up now. We ran out of soap pretty quickly, however, my wonderful mother ran up to Target and bought us 5 bottles to get us through the next few weeks.  I vow that every baby shower I go to from here on out I will add a bottle of anti-bacterial soap to the mother’s gift bag.
  2. Before the baby comes buy yourself something for after the baby’s birth. By the time I gave birth I was so sick of my maternity clothes I wanted to burn them all. So about two weeks before Wallace was born I bought myself some new yoga pants and a pair of new pj’s. It was so nice to come home from the hospital and put on something that I hadn’t worn to pieces over the previous 39 weeks and I actually felt good, hard to explain why, but I did. Trust me here, make sure you have some nice lounge wear ready for when you return home.
  3. Don’t binge watch anything! Chances are your probably going to spend a lot of time on the couch in the 2-3 months following your baby’s birth, therefore I recommend not binge watching any tv shows so that when you are confined to your couch you have something to watch.
  4. Building off of suggestion #3, create a To Watch List before the baby comes. I really wish I’d done this. I had a C-Section and am limited to how many times I’m allowed to walk up and down the stairs over the next few weeks; therefore I spend a great deal of time on the couch thinking “I’m bored”, but only when Wallace is asleep and I’m not pumping. I don’t have any TV shows I follow and I’m not really a movie person, however there are a few shows I’ve always meant to watch. BUT now that I’m in a position where I can watch said shows or movies I can’t remember the titles of them all. Creating a To Watch List would save me a ton of scrolling through Netflix aimless time.
  5. Have a book ready. Again, I rarely find myself lacking something to do, but in those few hours where I am tired of watching TV or searching the internet, I’ve found reading for 20 minutes is a great way to mix up my day. I have a stack of books I’m currently trying to make my way through and I’ve really surprised myself with how quickly I can finish a book just reading 20 minutes three or four times a day.