A Few of My favorite “Pregnancy” Items

I am currently 24 weeks into my pregnancy, and I’m so lucky to not have any problems or complications. There are some days I feel huge and then other days where I don’t feel pregnant at all. For some time now my co-workers, friends, and family were saying that I didn’t look pregnant. To be honest, this somewhat depended on what I was wearing. I’ve been favoring lose fitting tops and either an open cardigan or vest lately. I guess the loose clothing was hiding my bump. I suppose from head on I don’t really look too pregnant… I’m not sure. Either way all this you don’t look pregnant has changed within the last few weeks and I have rounded out quite a bit and I’m happy to say I’m developing that pregnancy sway/swagger J

Since this is my first pregnancy I’m figuring most things out as I go, not to say I’m not texting my friends who have had babies like crazy. My poor friend Liz, I think I text her every day. But being the amazing soul that she is, she always answers and says it’s never a bother and loves talking about pregnancy and babies. Anyway, I wanted to pop in and post some links to a few items I have really grown to love and have helped me with my pregnancy. If anyone has any recommendations for products they used and love, I’d love to hear them.


  1. Stretch Mark Intensive Care Lotion– Luckily I don’t have any stretch marks, and I don’t know whether it can be contributed to good genes or this lotion, but either way, I use this stuff twice a day every day. Once in the morning when I get dressed and then again after my shower before bed.
  2. Cetaphil Lotion– my grandmother gave me a jar of Cetaphil a few years ago when I was visiting her and complaining about my dry skin. I stopped using it for a while, for whatever reason, but then I noticed that pregnancy was giving me dry skin so I started using Cetaphil again. No problems since. Side note, if you have a Costco membership you can buy 2 huge bottles for $9!
  3. Clinique smart custom repair serum– I just love this stuff; it’s worth every penny. I’m getting my mom some for Mother’s Day. Shhh don’t tell her
  4.  Yetti– my sister’s boyfriend gave her one of the thermoses for Christmas and I got one soon after. This is a great gift regardless of the holiday, but it’s even better for pregnant women because it really does keep your cold drinks ice cold. Perfect for water considering how much one is required to drink in a day.
  5. J. Crew puffer vest– I took inventory last weekend, I have 6, yes 6 J. Crew puffer vests. I love these so much. The vests are great for layering and aren’t super puffy, which keeps me from feeling like a marshmallow. Pregnancy style can be a little tricky and I feel like wearing the vest can add a little interest to my outfits that I’d otherwise be missing.
  6. Open cardigans– same explanation as above.
  7. Birkenstock clogs– my stomach is making it harder and harder to bend over and tie shoes. So I’m relaying more and more on flats and moccasins. But for those days where my feet are a bit swollen or I want to go casual, I head straight for my Birkenstocks. I love that I just slip my foot in. #theeasierthebetter
  8. Heating Padno explanation needed.

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