Oxygen Infusion Mini Facial

About two weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I had taken a few days off and during that time off had gone to The Red Door Spa and gotten a mini facial. I literally have not had a moment to sit down and write about that day until today. #oops

About two weeks ago I was at my parents house finishing a short run on their treadmill when my mom asked if I wanted to go get a facial with her. We both had Thursday and Friday off so I figured, why not? My mom made an appointment at The Red Door Spa for two Oxygen Infusion Mini facials. I’ve never had a facial before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My mom will get facials every now and then; her skin looks amazing and even my husband regularly mentions my mom looks younger than she is. My mom has always lectured me on the importance of skin care and sunscreen, saying proper skin care is vital for your health, physical appearance and helps you look younger longer… and you know what, she’s right.

According to The Red Door Spa website, the facial is, “Facial cleansing and toning are followed by a quick and steady mist of pressurized oxygen delivered deep into the cellular layers of the skin, providing a healthy and youthful glow. ” The facial involved a Microdermabrasion, which stripped away any dead skin, an oxygen infusion serum, and a pumpkin enzyme exfoliator. My technician also gave me, what seemed like, 5 minutes of a steady mist of pressurized oxygen, which felt like warm steam. The technician then used a “zapping wand” ( which felt like a series of static electric shocks) to zap my chin area. The technician said the zapping wand killed bacteria and dried up extra oils in the skin. I am actually really glad she used this wand because I tend to break out in my chin area-which is my fault because I’m constantly resting my chin in my hand.

After the 30 minute facial my face felt weird, but in a good way. My face felt very clean and light. I did get a good laugh when I went back into the locker room to change and saw my self in the mirror. I looked a little sweaty/oily and red, like I’d just been outside for a few hours sweating my butt off. My mom and I paid and then decided to head over the Baker’s Crust for lunch followed by a tiny bit of shopping. All in all, it was a great day spent with my mom.

I really did enjoy my first facial and told John I would like to get another one in a few months. It really wasn’t until the next day I saw how amazing my skin looked and felt. I did not really understand the importance of skin care until this past year. I have always been lucky with my skin and didn’t have to worry about it or do too much. I only ever had the occasional blemish or skin issue, usually stress related. But when I turned 27 two years ago I noticed I was breaking out more. I didn’t really do anything because I wasn’t sure what to do. My skin got really bad for a while (stress and age/hormones), but over the last year through trial and error and research I feel like I have my skin issues under control again. The lesson: don’t neglect your skin!  Skin care is well worth your time and money and you will appreciate later in life when your skin still looks fresh, youthful and healthy

Red Door Spa has a variety of facials, and maybe next time I’ll try a different one. You can check out all their facials here.


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