Blue and White

blue and white                         Football Tee / Pom Pom Shorts / Sandals / Bag / Necklace

I bought this “football” tee from J. Crew last week and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I love stripes, which is pretty much what sold me on this tee in the first place, but the bonus is the loose, but flattering fit. The tee also happens to be super soft which I think will be great for all year around. As for the pom pom shorts, with the promotion J. Crew was running the shorts ended up being a whopping $9! How could I say no? I love the cute little pom poms alone the bottom which make these more than just a white pair of shorts. Details my friends; it’s all about the details. Additionally, these shorts are thicker, which means they are not see through. I love wearing white pants and shorts in the spring and summer, but a constant worry for me is whether the pants or shorts I’m wearing are see through, or suddenly become see through once I’m out in the sun. The slightly thicker material and lining on these shorts means you are good to go!

I’m trying, unsuccessfully, to refrain from buying any more clothes until fall officially begins. Fall is my favorite season and fall clothes also happens to be my favorite clothes to buy. I’m currently saving up for a pair of Tory Burch boots, but all these end of summer sales keep getting in the way. Maybe I’ll just hide my computer for  a few weeks.

Have a Happy Monday!


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