Wedding Pictures–the Redo

John and I were only mildly happy with our wedding photos, so we decided to retake them. Crazy? Maybe. However, John and I found, along with our wonderful photographer Helen, that taking photos on a day other than the wedding is absolutely amazing and here are a few reasons as to why:

1. You aren’t being rushed to get through the photos to make the grand entrance at the reception. We were able to take all the time we wanted.

2. Change of scenery. Our wedding redo photos were taken at the University of Richmond. Because we had no time constraints we were able to walk around campus and take photos with different backgrounds, lighting, angles, height, ect. This made for a variety of special photos that we definitely would not have gotten on our wedding day.

3. You get to wear that crazy expensive dress more than once, or more than twice if you did portraits too.

4. It was just us, just me and my husband. We didn’t have to worry about tons of potential photo fails, or squeezing everyone into a photo, waiting for people to keep up while walking around to different locations.

5. Communication. Helen and I go way back, we went to undergrad together, and she is just the sweetest person around and I love how fun and out there she is. Her great personality and easy going attitude made it easy for us to communicate what we wanted in terms of our pictures (something that was never discussed with the photographer at our wedding. She just showed up and never spoke with us first. I always have wondered if she did jail house mug shots before getting in with the company she works for). And because there wasn’t a whole bridal party or parents giving their opinion in the background, we didn’t have to fight to be heard. I felt more relaxed with it just being us and Helen.

6. The photographer was able to have some creative time as well. Because Helen wasn’t rushed she was able to just stop and think for a few minutes and I think this produced better and more unique photos.

A draw back to having photos on a different day is the cost. Helen wasn’t the photographer at our wedding, but I wish she had been. So we weren’t able to work out a deal with the photographer to take photos on a different day, but Helen was so reasonable in her pricing it was totally worth it! Also, we paid to have my hair and make up done again. I know not everyone can afford to do pictures again on a different day with the photographer and hair and make up, but if you can it’s so totally worth it! And remember, it doesn’t have to be right after the wedding. John and I got married almost 2 years ago and are just now redoing our photos.

We haven’t received all the photos yet, but Helen sent us a nice little collage of a few. I love them and can’t wait to see all the photos. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

11742648_10100365005832562_1572847762857814894_n 11222902_10100365009709792_577617230708362878_n 11703376_10100365007020182_3482934034724375594_n

Photographer: Helen P

Hair and Makeup: Avenue 42

Location: University of Richmond


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