What We’ve Been Up to: In List Form

John and I have been so busy lately I feel like I haven’t even had a minute to collect my thoughts or do any of the posts I have planned. Poor John said, “I want a weekend where we don’t have anything to do. A weekend where I can just lie around”. Me too. I feel like weekends are just for running around doing errands and things we can’t normally do during the week.  So here’s a pathetic what we’ve been up to in list form.

1. John’s birthday was the 26th. We went out to dinner Friday (Jersey Mike’s birthday boy’s request), went bowling on Saturday with about 15 work friends, then had a family birthday dinner at my parent’s house on Sunday.

2. A friend I work with shared this article a few hours before our entire training team (plus bfs/gfs/significant others) went bowling. Some of my closest friends started out as co-workers. The list is pretty true.

3. My parents got John this amazing Bose speaker for his birthday. He loves it.

4. How cute is this dress? I really, really want it and I think that pattern is perfect for Spring and Summer

5. My wonderful hubby got me the red Tory Burch sandals I’ve been lusting over for months. I also got this top and this dress from Loft, both for an additional 50% off for a grand total of $52!!!!

6. We took our sweet Otis to the vet and he’s be come a chunky monkey, not really, but he does have to lose almost 3lbs. Fluffy like his Momma (I still have 11lbs to go!)

7. I’m still on a cleaning spree and decided to get rid of an extra coffee table we were using as a tv stand and two end tables. If you are in RVA and are interested, please let me knowIMG_3397 IMG_3399                                                                                         8. I’m about half way done with the book The Book of Air and Shadows. I have mixed feelings. It does drag on in quiet a few places and can be a bit wordy, but we shall see.

9. John and I are going to a Nationals game with two friends and I cannot wait. I’ve never been to a Nationals game, but for some reason have always wanted to go. #bucketlist

10. Many more things I’m sure I’m forgetting

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and short (4 day) work week!


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