Kate Spade Outlet Sale


Last Saturday my parents and I spent the day shopping at the Williamsburg outlets. We had a lot of fun and were pleasantly surprised to find many of the stores have switched to outlet prices. Before prices were always just $5 or $10 cheaper than in the normal retail stores. And many of the stores were offering an additional 40, 50, and even 60% off prices.

A few years ago the Williamsburg outlets got a major face lift and added a few higher end outlets in the process, one of those stores being Kate Spade. While my parents went into a store I popped into Kate Spade with the intention of “just looking”. To my everlasting surprise they were running a sale of additional 50% off EVERYTHING and then another additional 20% off of that on clothes and handbags. Lately I’ve been trying to add some clutches to my handbag collection (which consists of all of 4 bags) and immediately zeroed in on what I thought was a clutch. This little bag, as I soon learned, is called the Newbury Crossbody Bag. I thought it was a clutch, but it turns out the strap was tucked into the purse. I quickly came to the conclusion I’d happily carry the bag as a clutch and tuck the strap inside, but it would also be nice to have a cross body bag too There were four colors to choose from.  But with that pretty mint color, it wasn’t a hard decision. I sent my sister a picture of the purses and ended up getting her the mint color too. and for a total of $61 each, it was a steal.

Image061320151402511 (1)IMG_3368

I think Kate Spade bags are great quality and well made. I’m not really a trendy person, but I feel this bag is the perfect mix of classic shape and style with a “trendy” color I can use for years. Thanks for bearing with me on this post. I am still just over the moon at what a great deal this was. Here is a link to a few on ebay, but if you live near a Kate Spade outlet, I high recommend checking the store out.


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