Favorite Blogger and How She Helped Me Love My Closet Again

One of my all time favorite bloggers, The Northeast Girl, is pregnant and I just had to write a post about her cute pregnancy style. I told John that whenever we are ready to have kids I am totally copying her outfits. I love how they show off her bump without being to showy. I don’t like my clothes to be tight on me, and The Northeast Girl styles her bump in cute, breathable tunics, a-line/fit and flare dresses, and some j crew painter tees in various patterns. Additionally, I really like that many of the clothes she is buying will work post baby as well (tunics and the dresses).

Finally, the Northeast Girl is one of my favorite bloggers because she mixes high and low—meaning she wears everything from Anthropologie and J. Crew to Nordstroms to Shopbop to Forever 21 and Loft. I’m really bad about branching out with my clothing brands. Before I moved to Charlotte, NC my mom and I used to go shopping all the time. I went into different stores and gave other brands a chance. Then I moved and my mom wasn’t there to shop with me anymore (outside of my mom and sister I don’t really like to shop with anyone). For one reason or another when I wanted new clothes or needed an item for a specific event, I just went to J. Crew or Anthropologie; I stopped shopping around. When I started reading The Northeast Girl I began expanding my brands again including Target, Loft, and some Forever 21. I’m still crazy loyal to J. Crew, Shopbop and Anthropologie, but it’s nice to have variety again. Rarely do I now open my closet and think, “I hate everything in here” or “I have nothing to wear”. I know it sounds crazy to say, this blogger helps me shop better, but it’s true. Sometimes seeing what others are wearing can inspire an outfit around that crazy printed skirt you have but have never worn because you have absolutely no idea what to wear with it, but no, you aren’t giving it up. Am I right?

One other blog I’m starting to really get into is Merrick’s Art. Merrick lives in CA and has this cool laid back artsy style I can only dream of pulling off. She also sews like a bad ass and makes the most AMAZING dresses. My mom is a fantastic seamstress and I’m hoping maybe she can help me make some of the dresses Merrick has made and posted patterns for. Check her out here 

Happy Friday!


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