Long Weekend

Otis hoping a hot dog will come his way

Otis hoping a hot dog will come his way

How was everyone’s long weekend? I have mixed feelings when it comes to long weekends. On one hand I love the 3 days off. But on the other hand, it throws me off for the work week. Yesterday I kept thinking it was Tuesday when really it was Wednesday. Not that I’m complaining, it just really throws me off for some things. I feel like I need that underwear that has a day of the week printed on each pair. Did anyone else have those growing up? And if you did, did anyone else ever wear the wrong day of the week (like wear Tuesday on Friday) and feel like a total bad ass?

Anyways, John and I definitely got the most out of our weekend.  On Saturday we had a few friends over for a cookout and then Sunday went to my parents house for dinner. Monday I did some cleaning, ran errands, started a new book, and went on a 3 mile walk. John decided to do some work from home so he didn’t return to a laundry list of things to do.

John got a little happy with the lighter fluid

John got a little happy with the lighter fluid

I wish I had something more exciting to right about, but sometimes no news is good because it means nothing terrible is going on and we are actually relaxing. I finally finished The Hangman’s Daughter and I’m hoping to write a book review this weekend. John and I have plans to go to Lynchburg for the day (J. Crew Clearance center. so excited ). Hopefully I won’t be too car-lagged to write a review when we get back.  Also, one of my good friends and animal rescue buddies is pregnant with her first baby (a girl!) and I told her I’d knit her a baby blanket. I’ve been spending most of my spare time working on the blanket hoping I’ll complete this little project before the baby comes. #fingerscrossed

How was everyone else’s long weekend? Whose excited for a 4 day work week?!


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