A Chore Filled Weekend

I am not sure how, but every weekend John and I seem to get a million things done, but still feel like we accomplished nothing. This past weekend flew by, but, hey, don’t they all?

John was sick most of the week, so Friday night we just hung out and watched episodes of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. Saturday John had an eye appointment that turned into a 3 hour ordeal. Luckily, Lens Crafter’s is located in the mall, so I did a little shopping while John had his eye appointment and ordered new lenses. We grabbed lunch and bought John this pair of Sperry Gold Cup boat shoes. A few things about these Sperry boat shoes, first, they are perforated making them super breathable for summer. I’m hoping because they are perforated they won’t get the shoe sweat funk most summer shoes get.  Second, there is a non-marking rubber sole that is wave-siped making them perfect for wet-dry traction, so no slipping! Third, the sole inside is padded. John an I went on a walk and he said the shoes are very supportive and comfortable. Finally, “the Gold Cup Collection takes the inimitable Sperry style to the next level with hand-burnished leathers, meticulous design and 18-karat gold-plate details for a touch of shine to seal the deal.”  John has need a pair of “summer shoes” for a while now, I’m so over him wearing tennis shoes all the time, and I think we found the perfect pair. Now John has his eye on this Gold Cup pair.

Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to leave the mall empty handed, right? Which is why on Saturday I got this super soft and adorable top from Anthropologie. I love the peach color, surprisingly a color missing from my wardrobe, and the detailing around the sleeves, neck, and cute dotted chiffon back panel are the added little details to make this shirt perfect. I’m planning on wearing it with my blue and white seersucker shorts (similar to these).

Sunday was the usual, church, lunch at El Caporal, grocery shopping, cleaning, a long walk with Otis around the lake, laundry, and Animation Domination. I always wake up Monday mornings thinking, “maybe while I was asleep a third weekend day was added.” Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one day… At least this coming weekend is a 3 day weekend! Who has fun memorial plans?

Until next time, happy Tuesday!


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