Productive Weekend + New Chair

How was everyone’s weekend? Mondays always bum me out because its the beginning of the work week. I don’t know many people who like Mondays, but I’m sure they are out there.

This weekend was surprisingly productive. Saturday Otis and I went on two long walks around the lake, one in the morning and one in the evening, I did laundry, cleaned the house, and even got to read a little. I also had every intention of rug shopping, really I did, but instead I ended up going to the mall to visit my friend Liz at J. Crew and got a tad bit distracted. J. Crew is having this amazing sale in stores 40% off sale clothes 50% off sale accessories, and 25% off shorts. I figured with a sale like that it was a great time to stock up on a few items for summer. I also popped into Madewell where I got this amazing dress (it’s so much better in person) for 25% off.

Capture Surfer Socks / Fish Socks / Gingham Button Down / Madewell Dress / Shorts

J. Crew and Madewell weren’t my only stops at the mall. As I’ve shared on my little blog before, John and I are working on replacing and getting some things we need for our house. I ran into Pottery Barn to check on my dream rug, still there, and to see if they had any cute free standing paper towel racks. No, they don’t. So I decided to do a quick walk through at Crate and Barrel. I have nothing against Crate and Barrel, but typically their furniture and housewares are a bit too modern for my taste. But I decided to check for a paper towel holder anyway because they do have very reasonably priced random kitchen items. I struck out on the paper towel holder, however I did score this amazing chair for $45!!!  John and I have a desk in the spare room but no chair. We’ve never really searched for a desk chair just because there have been other more important items we need for the house first. Yet today, there it was, the perfect little desk chair and on sale, marked down from $150, and absolutely nothing wrong with it.

To be honest, when I first saw that this chair was only $45 I thought there was an error with the price and asked a sales woman. She said the chair was part of a set of 4, but the other 3 had been sold. The chair had been marked down several times and there was no way I was letting this bad boy get away from me.


I snapped this picture before placing the chair at the desk in the spare room. While I would love to share a photo of this cute chair in it’s new home, our spare room is a bit of a mess. John and I did get a cheaper rug to put in the spare room for now, and currently stuff is everywhere from where we had to move furniture to lay the rug down. Very rarely have I found such a great find for the house. Usually I just suck it up and pay full price for whatever it is so I don’t have to keep hunting, especially if I love the item. I’m still full of excitement, is that weird? Probably. But it really is the little things in life.

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend and don’t be too upset that it’s Monday.


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