Surprise! We Moved


Surprise! John and I moved to RVA Saturday morning and we couldn’t be happier. John and I arrived around 8pm Saturday evening and with the help of my parents, sister, and her boyfriend, we had the truck unloaded in about 2 hours.  The truck was 26 feet long and we needed every inch of that space.

I truly loath unpacking and after this move it will be particularly bad. I didn’t have time to properly pack, so we ended up with a good deal of “boxes of fun.” When I say “boxes of fun” I mean boxes that are full of just random items that all go in different places. Those ALWAYS take longer to unpack. John and I will be busy unpacking over the next few days, but hopefully I can share some pictures of our new place soon. We painted the bedroom a pretty gray color and I think it looks very nice. Now we just need to pick out a rug.  Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday 🙂

Image041920151302071My co-pilot for the ride to RVA. Don’t be fooled, Otis hates riding in the car


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