Beaufort, SC + Alice and Brock’s Wedding

This past weekend John and I were honored to attend our friends Alice and Brock’s wedding in Beaufort, SC.  Beaufort is absolutly beautiful and had this interesting blend of New Orleans and old Southern Gothic style.  Our trip was entirely too short. We were only there for the weekend, but John and I are already talking about hopfully returning this summer and spending a week there. It’s a charming little area with so many shops, great food, and beautiful scenery. John and I walked around for a few hours on Saturday before we had to get ready for the wedding and I don’t think there is an unattractive spot in that city, well that we could find. If you can, I recommend getting a hotel on the main street because everything is within walking distance and you don’t have to worry about finding parking. That being said, John and I stayed at the Holiday Inn 2 miles from main street area and we had no problem finding parking at any point.

Alice and Brock were married at the The First African Baptist Church (with an amazing choir) and the reception was held at the Beaufort Arsenal. I loved the reception location. It reminded me a great deal of the Alamo. I wish I had taken more photos, but I was having so much fun I just forgot about my camera. I also regret not having my camera out to record some of the band. I need to find out the name of this band, but they were AMAZING. They had the perfect blend of dance oldies (they sang December 63′ perfectly) and current songs. I’d buy their CD. I wish they had a CD.

Sorry for the short post, but John and I have been very busy this past week. We are making BIG changes and I feel like I haven’t had time to do anything. Hopefully some fun pictures make up for it. I’m off to tackle a never ending “To Do” list. Happy Tuesday!!

bay-street-beaufort Beaufort_SC IMG_3232 IMG_3234 IMG_3235 IMG_3238 IMG_3239


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