High and Low Madewell

About this time last year I saw the most amazing top at Madewell. It’s called the Linen Folktale blouse and I wanted it so bad, in both colors. Sadly the top was $98 and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount of money on a single shirt. I told myself it would go on sale and I could buy it then. By the time the blouse finally did go on sale, the most perfect top ever was sold out in all sizes in both colors. #firstworldproblems, right? Ever since then I’ve be combing ebay, poshmark, tradesy, threadflip, you name it, trying to find this blouse in the red or white. The few that have popped up on ebay sell for between $75 and $90 and again, I just can’t seem to justify that.

So what’s the point of this inconsequential story? Well, yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Northeast Girl, and she was showing off this adorable new navy embroidered dress she got from Forever 21. TNEG looked so cute in the dress I really felt I needed it too. For whatever reason after finding the dress online I decided to browse the site, mostly out of boredom. Very rarely have I bought anything from Forever 21. I mean, we are talking under 5 times. I prefer to invest in my clothing and buy quality pieces; the whole quality over quantity idea, and, to me, Forever 21 just seems cheap and trendy.  While looking through the tops and blouses I found a top that is almost identical to the Madewell Folktale blouse!!!! I’ve been scouring the earth for this one top for almost a year, so I couldn’t not order it. I’m so excited for this cute spring and summer top to arrive. Below are pictures of the Madewell top (left) and the Forever 21 top (right), a true high vs. low deal going on here. I’m just so excited I felt I needed to share. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday eve!

white top21


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