Lindley Park Filling Station

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! I’m so ready for the weekend. I know, I know I say this every week.  I plan on, hopefully, doing a whole lot of nothing. Last weekend was pretty low key for me and the hubby. We had dinner with John’s mom at a restaurant called Lindly Park Filling Station and man is that place delicious. John’s mom got the Chapman Street burger (Angus burger, grass fed, LPFS Pimento Cheese, and Bacon on a Potato Roll), I got the Lindell (Angus burger, grass fed, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Buttermilk Chive Ranch, Lettuce, and Tomato on a Potato Roll) and John, surprisingly, got the Springwood (Hot Pastrami, Spicy Dijon Mustard, and Swiss cheese on a Toasted Marble Rye). If you are ever in Greensboro, NC, you must eat here. There are so many choices and everything is really good. We got there around 6pm on a Saturday and there wasn’t a wait, but by the time we left around 8pm it was starting to get really busy. For those of you who like to eat outside, there is a great looking patio where you can sit as well. Sadly, we didn’t eat outside because it was starting to cool down to where it would not have been enjoyable meal. However, Spring is just around the corner so I plan on making good use out of that patio! Here is a link to their menu. I think everything looks yummy.

In other news, I bought this amazing shirt from J. Crew this weekend (on sale!) and I’m pretty sure it’s my new favorite top, but I say this about everything I buy. Below is a set of how I’m wearing the top today. I think I may have mentioned this before or not, but I hate having my picture taken, I doge cameras like my life depends on it. I’m not terribly photogenic and I tend to look awkward in photos, but I’m cool with it, and that’s why you’ll rarely see me post an OOTD look. But I do love clothes and sharing the things I’ve bought and how I wear them. So hopefully these sets make up for the lack of photos.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to dress this top up? I’d love to hear them. Happy Wednesday!


Top- J. Crew / Jeans– J. Crew / Cardigan– J. Crew /Shoes- Tory Burch Eddie flats with bow / Bag– Tory Burch


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