A Weekend in RVA

Does anyone else ever feel like the weekend just..evaporates? Sometimes I am almost positive that the weekend never happened. John and I spent this past weekend in Richmond and it was pretty amazing. Saturday my parents “babysat” Otis so John and I could enjoy a day out.

3 monkeys

We started the day with brunch at 3 Monkey’s. If you are ever in Richmond, please, eat at 3 Monkey’s. It’s amazing and there really isn’t a bad item on the menu. I actually used to go to 3 Monkey’s regularly when I lived in Richmond after undergrad. I’ve tried or at least tasted (via friends) almost everything on the menu and I haven’t come across anything I dislike. A few of my favorites include French Toast (brunch), Crab Cake Sandwich, and the Fried Calamari. I think 3 Monkey’s is undergoing new management because a lot of my old favorites are no longer on the menu, such as the Tilapia Sandwich, and our waitress may have been brain dead. Seriously, the waitress seemed surprised when we wanted to order. Luckily we were there around 11am and there wasn’t really a crowd so we didn’t have to wait long for our food.  Oh, one more thing, the mix drinks come with these cute little plastic monkeys hanging off the rim! I used to keep some in a beer glass I got in Europe, but I think it’s now packed up at my parents’ house somewhere. I need to find those.


John and I spent the rest of the day just wandering around. We went to John’s favorite music store, Plan 9, then to Stony Point and picked up some dress pants for John at Banana Republic. John works for a company that requires more formal attire at work. Most days he wears a suit and tie, but on days he doesn’t feel like wearing a full suit he can wear dress pants, a collared shirt, tie and a sweater (when it chilly out).  About 90% of John’s wardrobe is from J. Crew, but recently while on a shopping trip, John discovered Banana Republic dress pants. Originally we bought one pair for a test run and John loved them so much that this past weekend we went back and got him two more pairs. John said they are very breathable (my words) and I am partial to the benefit of them being non-iron; some of the pants have a subtle pattern to make them a bit more interesting. One more thing, Banana Republic regularly runs discounts, right now its 30% off all full priced items. So if you feel as if an item is out of your price range or you just don’t want to spend a lot if you are trying Banana Republic  for the first time, just wait a few days and a special is guaranteed to pop up.  You can check out the Banana Republic dress pants here. I’m not sure which ones John has, but I’ll try and figure it out.

The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxing and enjoyable. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and this week goes by fast! #livingfortheweekend

Awful picture of my, but Otis looks cute

Awful picture of me, but Otis looks cute

P.S. I bought this shirt at J. Crew 3 weeks ago and have been wearing it non-stop since. It’s incredibly comfortable, slightly loser fitting, which I prefer for a more casual look, and is a marginally heavier weight. I really appreciate the slightly heavier weight because it means the white isn’t see through, so I don’t have to layer a tank under the shirt. Down the sleeve is a thicker stripe which adds a bit of interest to another wise basic stripe shirt.  This is definitely a shirt you will want to add to your closet. I already have my eye on the other two colors.


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