0 for 3

Go figure, I’m an adult and I get a snow day! No complaints here. While I have a list a mile long of things I need to do, I decided I wanted to write a blog post. So here I am. This past Saturday and Sunday just did not go my way. And as John said, we were 0 for 3.

All week I really, really wanted to go to the J. Crew clearance center.  While I don’t work at J. Crew anymore (I really miss the discount) I still shop there a lot; as in I probably order something once a week. Whoops #sorryJohn. The clearance center is a great place to get a lot of basic items, shoes or cashmere for really cheap. And I love saving money where I can. John graciously said he would take me on Saturday.

So Saturday morning we got up early, dropped Otis at a friend’s since Lynchburg is 2 hours away and we’d be gone a while, then hit the road. Now, this past week we’d had some snow, but nothing terrible. My parents said Richmond had also received some snow and it was hanging around. It didn’t cross my mind to look at Lynchburg.  Everything was fine until we were about 20-30 minutes outside of Lynchburg and it started snowing, hard. I really wanted to go to the clearance center so John drove there only to find the parking lot was covered with 4-5 inches of snow and looked like no one had driven through it for several days. Meaning it was closed. 0-1. I was not happy. We decided that even though it was snowing we’d still have lunch at Macado’s as planned. It started snowing harder so John said we really needed to call in our orders and just take them back to Greensboro. 0-2.We did that and the whole way back I was less than happy to say the least.  When John and I got back to Greensboro we picked up Otis and decided to just order Chinese food and stay in and watch Netflix.  It wasn’t terrible by any means. But both John and I felt like we had wasted a day even though it was only 6pm.

Sunday we didn’t really have any plans other than to clean out townhouse.  At some point we thought Stamey’s would be a great place to have lunch, they have the best Brunswick stew.  Up the road we went only to find for whatever reason Stamey’s was closed!!! 0-3. Uggg we went to La Bamba instead.

I know this is whinny and really none of this was a huge deal outside of an hour of pouting. I think was really was disappointing for me is all of our plans were simple things but the weather kept us down. North Carolina doesn’t see much snow, so whenever there is snow the whole state seems to shut down. To be fair, Lynchburg did have a ton of snow and it was really coming down while we were there. I know I wouldn’t want to be working so I can’t fault the clearance center for thinking of the employee’s safety and being closed. Also, it’s only a 2 hour drive, it’s not like I can’t go there any weekend.  Plus, my snow day today is making up for it all. I’m really enjoying lying around with my fur children, playing around online (see some of my favorite finds below), and at some point I’ll tackle my list of chores and run on the treadmill.

Tomorrow is Friday!

snow day

checked top / white sweater / cashmere hoodies (I’m obsessed with these) / Pinapple Clutch / Gray sweatshirt /  floral dress / black dress /  necklace / travel organizer / pink flats / blue and white flats


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