Valentine’s Day + Lent

Did everyone have a great Valentine’s Day? I hope so.  I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day person. I feel you are either totally into or don’t really care and I’m the latter.  John isn’t really a Valentine’s Day person either, he’s of the “I don’t need to be told or have one day where I treat my wife special” mind, but that being said we still celebrated. John got me this top I’ve been wanting from Anthropologie and I got John a $30 gift card to his favorite record store in Richmond, his favorite candy and a bag of salt and vinegar chips. We had lunch at John’s favorite place, La Bamba and decided that on Sunday (in hopes most would have celebrated early on Friday or Saturday and it wouldn’t be as busy) we’d have dinner at Graffiti. Sunday we slept in, went to the outlets, and cleaned our place. By the time dinner rolled around neither of us felt like leaving the house. Oops. Personally, I felt it was too cold to go anywhere. So now we are going to have our Valentine’s Day dinner next weekend. At least we succeeded in avoiding the crowds.

Today is Fat Tuesday, and for those of you who do not know, Lent starts tomorrow. I’m still not sure what I am giving up for Lent yet. I thought about giving up shopping, but then I realized I want to give up something I can actually follow through with.  And after I thought of giving up shopping I saw this dress, this necklace and this bag at J. Crew and knew it would never work. How about the rest of you, what are you giving up for Lent? I’d love some ideas.


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