Otis and the Emergency Vet

John and I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit down and write anything. Last week Otis had a bit of an accident. He was attacked by our cat. Winston sliced the space just above Otis’s back leg, basically his thigh, and split it wide open. John and I had to rush Otis to the emergency vet at 11:00pm. Emergency vets are never fun, or cheap, but when we drove up John and I thought, “Oh, we are the only ones here. This will take 30 minutes.” Two hours later we finally got to go home. Otis received 6 staples and some antibiotics and pain killers. We are not entirely sure what happened, especially because Winston has never used his claws on Otis before. But we think it has to do with the litter box and Otis playing where he didn’t need to be playing.

Flash forward a week to Saturday morning. I was still asleep, but John woke me up to say Otis had pulled out about half of his staples. Otis then slinked downstairs to his crate, clearly in pain, and just stayed there. John and I took him back to the emergency vet where we were told the staples could be removed, they’d be in 9 days, but Otis needed a cone so he wouldn’t lick his wound and cause an infection. So now our sweet boy is in a cone of shame. He looks pretty cute though, right? And oddly enough, Otis doesn’t seem to mind the cone that much. I’m happy he only has to wear it for 4 days. I don’t think I could deal with it longer than that.


Other current happenings:

I just ordered this book by David Michaelis and CANNOT wait for it to arrive. Charles M. Schulz, the most widely syndicated and beloved cartoonist of all time, is also one of the least understood figures in American culture. Now, acclaimed biographer David Michaelis gives us the first full-length biography of the brilliant, unseen man behind Peanuts: at once a creation story, a portrait of a native genius, and a chronicle contrasting the private man with the central role he played in shaping the national imagination. Schulz and Peanuts is the definitive epic biography of an American icon and the unforgettable characters he created. Summary from Amazon, click HERE to see more.

Great short article on the book here.

Over the last two years I have started to experience breakouts along the lower part of my face (mostly the chin area). I thought it was stress but soon found it it’s hormonal. Fun. I have really sensitive skin so I’m always hesitant to try any sort of acne medicines or creams for fear of a reaction. Plus, I’ve never really had to deal with zits before, I know, I know poor me, so I wasn’t sure which products worked and which were money down the drain. Sunday I decided to go to the Clinique counter and pick up some foundation/cover up and while there I found out Clinique carries a line of make that is also is an acne fighter! I bought the foundation and with any luck, fingers cross, it will help reduce some of the redness and zits. You can check out Clinique’s whole line HERE. By the way, the foundation is very light and feels even powdery. I really like that it doesn’t feel heavy and I don’t feel like my face is caked in makeup or foundation.

I want to work at this place: World’s First Airport Terminal for Animals, OMG!!!

John sent me these two little gems. They are sure to give you a good chuckle: Sorority Pledge Email Cannot Stress How Important Spanx Are and How to Meet Your Significant Other’s Parents Without Terrifying Them

Happy Tuesday! Only 3 more work days!


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