Ultimate Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my list is a little out of control. Obviously I’m not expecting to get everything on my list, but I wouldn’t complain if I did….but then again who would? Typically I ask for things for the house or a Pottery Barn gift card, but since the next household purchase John and I will be making is a couch I decided to go on and request clothes. Anyone that knows me really well would be expecting me to ask for books, but since I got about 10 for Christmas I’m pretty set for a few months. bday wish list

1. Millie Swing Dress  2. J. Crew black check shirt  3. Sherpa Bathrobe  4. Buffalo Check button down  5.Joie Booties  6. Salt Scrub 7. Split Stripe pull over 8. cat & dog necklace  9. Clutch 10. Passenger Pouch

What do you ask for as a Birthday gift?


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