An Early Christmas

Since John and I are going to visit my parents for Christmas we decided to celebrate our Christmas early and exchange gifts before we leave. This is not the first time we’ve celebrated early; in fact, we’ve celebrated Christmas early every year since we’ve been together. It’s going to be weird when we actually start opening presents on the 25th.  This year I got John a fair amount of stuff I wanted to get for him, not necessarily what he wanted, but he loved it all. John’s pretty hard to shop for because when he needs something he just buys it and he didn’t really want anything this year. That being said, I went the traditional route when it came to gifts, he got a new iphone, this sweater from J. Crew (in the maroon color) , long sleeve polo from J. Crew (seriously, he LOVES these), a Triple C amplifier egg, New Balance tennis shoes (pebble blue), socks and boxers. I had a lot of fun shopping for John this year because we didn’t really put a cap or budget on Christmas. I love John so much and always want him to have the best. It’s really hard for me to keep surprises, so I pretty much told John everything I got him right after I bought it, BUT there were a few surprises for him and my parents and sister got him some amazing gifts that are surprises.

Now, for Christmas I also got John two things from Eddie Bauer, which he picked out. Two weeks ago we were walking around the mall and John wanted to go in Eddie Bauer when we walked past. I haven’t been in an Eddie Bauer in years, so I figured, why not? Well, if you have any Christmas shopping left to do for any males in your life, go. Go right now. They are having a huge sale; everything in the store is on sale. There’s even a sign outside that says “everything is on sale”.  I’m not a huge fan of the women’s clothing, but we got John a micro fleece half zip (this one in maritime) for 50% off and the Micro Fleece Radiator jacket (dark smoke) for 50% off. I paid $62 total! John’s already worn the half zip three or 4 times and the jacket twice. Both are super soft and I love how he looks like a little rugged, preppy mountain man in the jacket. I loved the blankets they had on sale and Eddie Bauer always carries the coolest gadgets for outdoor activities. I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe I’ll share what sweet, and amazing gifts John got me for Christmas….until then, safe travels to everyone and Happy Holidays!


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