Sparkle Cat Rescue + 6 Puppies Who Need Forever Homes

You guys, my friends Stephanie  and Jim have opened a rescue! They are currently working towards their 501(c)(3) but in the mean time they are on a roll spaying, neutering, and rescuing many cats. Please go like their page Sparkle Cat Rescue 

Also,  I need to re-home 6 puppies ASAP. They are not in the best living situation right now, they are being cared for, but we really need to get them out. If you or someone you know in the Greensboro, NC area would like to adopt or foster please let me know! These sweet puppies are 8 weeks old and are beagle, pit, wire terrier mixed. I highly doubt they will weigh over 30lbs/ The two that are brown and a brown black mix look like the father, a wire hair terrier (don’t let the name turn you away! they are actually very soft) and the 4 others look like their mom.

.IMG_20141212_1325434091 IMG_20141212_1325504241 IMG_20141212_1325599651


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