Coffee Date

I’m doing a terrible job lately on updating this blog. I swear I really am going to try and do better. I always think I’m not busy, then I look at my planner and realize just how busy John and I really are. I guess one could say we are steadily busy, but not so much so that we feel stressed or overwhelmed. That being said, here’s a quick, little update on what we have been up to since Thanksgiving.


 John and I went to Thanksgiving at his parents house were we had a low key dinner. John’s sister and her family were in town and  his aunt and uncle came down from D.C, which I was very happy about because they are two of my favorite in-law relatives.

Books:                                                                                                                                                   *Just finished: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart, it is amazing 5 stars.

*Currently reading: Snow by Orphan Pamuk, which I am enjoying.

* Want to read: The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Pozsch and The Sleeper and The Spindle by Neil Gaiman


  *John and I put up the tree and then I attempted to get some pictures of the animals under the tree. Key word being “attempted”.                                               Capture *Ray sent us a beautiful wreath for the front door. It’s real and smells amazing. The only thing I’m sad about is that it won’t last forever.

*About 1/2 of all my holiday shopping is done! Those that are left on the list, with the exception of one, I know what I’m going to give them, I just have to find time get to the store to pick up the gifts.

* I’ve decided to get rid of all the ornaments John and I don’t like (for some reason we’ve received some really terrible ones over the years) and get new ones we do like. I can’t wait until we go home to RVA in a few weeks and I can go to Pottery Barn and pick up some new ones. I got these (pictured below) last year and I LOVE them. PB has the best stuff. We also need some stocking holders, and I’m hoping to find them at PB as well.


* I’m currently wanting every clothing item I see in stores right now, particularly Anthropologie. These 4 items are at the top of my wish list for cute things from Anthropologie. Dear Santa, please?

Capture Blue Dress / Red Top / Navy Dress / Sweater Vest / Stripe Top  

* I bought this red skirt from J. Crew a few weeks ago and I can’t stop wearing it. The skirt is so comfortable and looks cute no matter how it’s styled. I’m definitely picking up the black and blue versions this weekend….maybe the white one too.


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