My Never Ending Christmas List

Does anyone else have the longest Christmas list ever? Mine is particularly long this year, and I have convinced myself it is because John and I have so many little Christmas celebrations and exchange parties during the holidays. We have Christmas with my family, John’s, friends, I’m in 3 Secret Santa groups this year….it just goes on and on.

In 2012, John and I had just gotten engaged so I told everyone to just get us stuff from our registry lists. Last year, I told everyone the same thing because most Wedding lists stay up for 2-3 months after a wedding. This year is the first year in 2 years that I’ve really made a Christmas List. I have 2 very big items I want, a couch and kitchen table with chairs, but I don’t want anyone person spending that much on me (except John 😉 ). Thus, I have defaulted to my second loves, books and clothes. What is everyone else asking for? I’m working on a gift guide for items John and I will be gifting to friends and family. Hmmm, come to think of it, I may even do a gift guide for the fur babies. Yes, they have stockings, and yes, they get gifts every year.

xmas list

Flannel Shirt / Vest / Skirt / Key Chain / Watch / Coat / White Sherpa / Strapless dress / Black Dress / Nail polish / Black Booties /  Tan Booties / Travel Wallet / Purse

*A note on the skirt I have this skirt in red and it is AMAZING and I think I need every color.


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