This past week and the little things I’ve been getting into…err mostly reading.


-I am currently reading Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis (it’s pretty funny) and Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I started the Beautiful Creatures series about 3 weeks ago and feel like I have to finish the series. There are only 4 books and I’m on the last one now. It is my understanding that everything is wrapped up nicely in Beautiful Redemption, no wondering what about…what happened to…. type of thing. I hate that.

-I am so excited that Anne Perry’s new book Blood on the Water is finally available in the US. I am buying that this weekend. I also just discovered that Anne Perry has a YAL series called Timepiece, currently 4 books in the series (1. Tudor Rose 2. Rose of No Man’s Land 3. Blood Red Rose 4. Rose Between Two Thorns) . I have added these 4 books to me Christmas list.


-Still searching for the perfect pair of booties. I’m very picky about my shoes, but I think I have finally narrowed it down to one of these two: these from J. Crew or these from C. Wonder.

-I love these Reem Acra,  Elie Saab, just a gorgeous black dress couture dresses so much. I just wish I had somewhere to wear them…and 10k to buy them.

-Heard through the grapevine J. Crew will be having two new collections in October!

Weekend Plans:

-I received an order for 15 of these cards I sell on etsy. After I make those cards my weekend plans include reading and a whole lot of thing.

-Picked up these salmon fillets from Omaha this week and can’t wait to try them.

Anyone have fun weekend plans? How about some book suggestions? Have a safe and great weekend!


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