10628298_10203867493720788_4563036977221776329_nThis past Saturday John and I had tickets to the ECU vs. UNC game in Greenville, NC. I’m not a football fan by any means. In fact, I usually spend a majority of the game in line at the concession stand or checking out what other people are wearing. But this game, this game actually held my attention. ECU set a school record for most yards gained, over 800 (John told me this), UNC gave up the most points in their program’s history (another game fact from John), and the game ended with the Pirates beating the Tar Heels 71-41! Oh, the game was also sold out, which I believed because we were all crammed in the stadium and I didn’t see one empty seat; 51,000 people came to the game. I’m hoping to find a clip of my favorite play that happened…if I do I’ll post it on here.

jTsut.AuSt.156picture from here

John and I have been to a few ECU games before and done a little tailgating, but the tailgating was never that fun. This time, however, John and I met up with his cousin Brandon, his wife, Sabrina, and daughter, Joey. Brandon and Sabrina have the tailgating thing down. Basically, Brandon, Sabrina, and a bunch of their friends got an old school bus, gutted it, and turned it into a tailgating bus. There are really nice couches inside, a “bar” and a tv. About 6 hours before any ECU game, they head to Greenville and start tailgating with friends and tons of delicious food and beer. After this weekend I think I realized why I didn’t like tailgating before, we were always in a small group with a bunch of broke people. There was never any food and drinks were limited, obviously this can put people in a grouchy mood. I’m glad to have had a new, positive experience with tailgating in addition to a great day. I’m also really happy I got to see Brandon, Sabrina, and Joey and eat some amazing food.

10478806_10203964132857311_2426322184201750313_n 10626598_10203708522786614_2940981236945213699_n

IMG_2740 IMG_2747


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