Feeling at Home + New Car Pics

John and I have been traveling a lot lately. For the past several weekends, one or both of us have been out of town. This past weekend, I headed up to Richmond to pick up my new car! Sadly, John had prior commitments and couldn’t come with me, so he and the fur babies stayed home. Now, this “home” thing is really what I want to hit on. John and I have been in Greensboro for about a year and half now, but it hasn’t ever really felt like home to me. I think it is because the first town home we lived in was too small (barely a 1,000 sq feet and very narrow), there was no storage space (not even a linen closet!), the kitchen was tiny, we had too much furniture… it was just bad. But we needed a place to live, and this place was in a nice area and available and we could move in right away. We lived there for about a year, then our jerk of a landlord kicked us out because he said his rude/lying daughter and her family could live there when they sold their home, would have been nice if he let us know that before hand, but whatever. Then, magically, John found our current place. I hate moving and I wanted to make this move as painless as possible, so I began selling off a lot of our furniture (sold about 6 large pieces), cleaning out our closets, and sending John to Goodwill at least 3 times. I was determined this move wouldn’t be as chaotic as the move from Charlotte to Greensboro.

Outside of lugging a heavy treadmill up the stairs, the move wasn’t that bad. Our new townhome is much larger than our old, it has a large kitchen with an island, a small laundry room, outside storage, coat closet, storage closet, linen closet, two walk in closets… clearly I love all the storage. I also love all the space we have, a massive 1,400 sq ft, which to us is a lot, and we have a cute little fenced in backyard, so basically we love the new place. But I digress, I got home on Sunday and later that night after unpacking thought, “I’m so glad to be home” and that’s when it hit me, this is the first time since moving to Greensboro that this has felt like home. I’m sure there are many things I can contribute these feelings of home to, but I think a big thing for me, is that we are finally really happy where we live. There aren’t boxes still to be unpacked precariously piled in corners because we have no where to put the stuff in them (that’s how it was at the old place), we don’t have to maneuver around furniture to get from one end of the townhome to another, the kitchen is large enough that John can hang out with me while I cook and it doesn’t drive me crazy because he’s in the way due to lack of space, we can actually walk around in the spare bedroom (in the last place it felt like a junk room), just little things. I think I felt like as long as there were boxes to unpack and things to put away, we weren’t really home, now that everything has a place and we’ve settled into a routine, things feel a lot better and more like a home. I have also noticed that when I’m on my way home from work, traveling or out running errands, when I talk to John he always asks, “When are you coming home” whereas in the old town home he would say “when are you getting back?” I’m sure this was subconscious, but I think it says a great deal about how we both felt in the old place. It was just somewhere we were living for a little while, not really our home.

Currently, John and I are looking to hopefully relocate to Richmond or the D.C area, as soon as John can get a full time job. I really want to be back in Virginia, I really do miss home, but I think when the time for us to move finally does come, I’ll be pretty sad to leave this townhouse. Until that day comes, I’m going to enjoy every minute in this home with my hubby and fur children.

I hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend! Below is a picture of my new 2010 Ford Focus, sorry I just had to share.

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