New Skirt

I’ve been lusting after the Serene skirt from Anthropologie for about a month now, but just didn’t feel like spending $98 on it. It’s a beautiful skit, amazing quality, and unique looking without being out there AND I own nothing like it (I have a bad habit of buying things that look very similar or one style in several colors). Yesterday I noticed the skirt had gone on sale to $49.95! Clearly I had to buy it. I’m pretty sure I can carry this skirt into fall with a darker top, maybe a gray, and some tights and boots/booties.

There is another reason I am really excited about this skirt, I have been watching a dress and two tops at Madewell for sometime now and they both went on sale. Unfortunately I didn’t check back until it was too late and all sizes and colors were sold out in the tops and the dress. I keep checking back hoping someone has returned any of the items, but so far no luck. I know it’s just clothes, but I’ve been so bummed out because I really wanted them. Live and learn. However, this skirt does kinda make up for it. Happy Thursday, ya’ll! It’s almost the weekend, just one more day!

1 2 3Anthropologie has some cute stuff on sale, I also got this little verdant white ceramic container to hold Otis’s treats for $14.95.

Skirt can be purchased here


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