Master Bedroom Inspiration + Wanting to Move

The next time John and I move I’m going to redecorate our bedroom. And this is what it’s going to look like. photo (3)

John’s parents are thinking about moving and have promised we can have the king size bed and mattress in their spare room since they can’t take it with them; we are very excited. We’ve been looking into buying a bigger bed, but obviously we are now going to wait. Bed frames are never terribly expensive, but the mattresses are and that is what’s really put a hold on us making the purchase. Once we get the new bed I have a great excuse to redecorate our room because we only have a Full size bed now and our sheets and bedspread won’t fit on a king size bed. Not that I need a reason really, but it never hurts to have a  reason.

Side note on moving, John and I just moved two months ago, but we would really love to be in Richmond or the D.C area. While I love our new place,and I really do, I can’t help but day dream about what our lives would be like back in Virginia. Anyone want to hire a guy with a law degree? He’s handsome, a hard worker, gets along with everyone and is nice too.

photo from Pottery Barn


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