New Patio Furniture + A Weekend at Home

This weekend was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. For the last few weekends, John and I have been insanely busy and I was left feeling like I had not even had a weekend. On Saturday, I slept in and then we went to Target and got new patio furniture! This purchase is actually a really big deal. John and I moved into our new place about 2 months ago and were really excited to know we were going to have fenced in “backyard” and small patio. John and I have been saving up for a new couch, but we decided we needed to buy patio furniture first, because well, who doesn’t want to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s still around?

Once we had decided to buy patio furniture I begin searching online to compare prices. I knew we wanted 4 chairs, a table, and umbrella, but I also knew we didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. In my perfect world I would have just gone to Pottery Barn or Home Depot, but then there is reality. John mentioned that around early August is when summer items start going on sale because companies want to bring in back to school stuff. About two weeks ago John was in Target ( our set is sold out online but here are a few others) and spotted a patio set on sale for $97.50. It was exactly what we wanted and included 4 chairs, an umbrella, and table! I knew we could get it for cheaper though, and here’s how we did it.

First, John and I have the Target Red Debit card and we save 5% on every purchase. Then, we received a 10% off your entire purchase card in the mail from moving and having our address forwarded (no idea why but we get one of those every time we move, no complaints). In the paper I found a 10% off Target outdoor equipment, I wasn’t sure if this coupon would work, but thought I’d bring it just in case, it did work. Finally, I had a $10 gift card from points I’d earned on Swagbucks. So, 25% off and a $10 gift card= $63 before tax. Not too shabby for a set that was originally $140. Below is a picture I snapped of our new patio set all set up and ready to go. John and I ate dinner outside Saturday and Sunday night and it was pretty amazing. I can’t wait for more outdoor dinner nights. Now we just need a little grill.

Besides getting the patio furniture, John and I spend a lot of time relaxing. Saturday we got the patio furniture, did some relaxing and reading outside, had dinner outside, took Otis on a long walk, then watched The Other Guys, which is hilarious. Sunday, I had to work in the morning, but was done by noon. Then John and I did a little cleaning, went to the pool, and ate dinner outside. I was sad that animation domination wasn’t on due to the pre-season football games. I don’t like to watch sports. I started to read Beautiful Creatures instead. How was your weekend?


 P.S. Another positive to eating outside, Otis can play and dig tons of holes in the dirt, then when he comes inside he’s exhausted and sleeps through the night.

10563116_10100183354573142_5030559849637196914_nOtis is so tired from playing outside during dinner


Winston even joined us for a bit


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