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I’m not really a “summer” person. When I say summer person, what I mean is, I really do not like hot weather. I hate feeling like I can’t cool off and no matter what, when it’s summer, I can’t cool off. My husband and I will go to the pool to relax and attempt to escape the heat, but mostly during the summer, I stay indoors until about 6:00pm when it starts to cool down. Only then will I venture outside.

In addition to the heat, I’m not really a shorts person either and shorts are completely necessary for summer. I know, I know, I’m crazy, but I just don’t feel like I can find the right length and fit. I find that shorts are either too short and too tight in the leg hole, or too long and too loose. J. Crew has been pretty good to me when it comes to shorts. My personal favorite is the 4” chino shorts. However, that being said, I just can’t get enough of these orange Hibiscus shorts. Even though they are a 3” inseam, these shorts sit lower on the hips which give them that little extra length to make them, what I think, is more appropriate. Also, the shorts are 100% cotton with a little bit of stretch, making them easy to wear without fear of the stretching out too much and turning your look into a loose hanging mess. Even though the shorts are 100% cotton, to me they feel like there is a bit of linen, which would explain why they are still a great weight even in 95 degree weather.

Now, this top I paired with the shorts I bought as soon as it came in. I loved this little tee the minute I saw it. I’m a huge sucker for navy, and while I had a hard time deciding which color to buy (available in black, navy, and cream) I stuck with what I love and picked navy. What sold me on this tee are the Swiss dot sleeves. I love that this little detail can take an everyday tee and make it a little dressier. It’s perfect to go with nicer shorts or skirts when you need to be just a bit above casual, but still want to be comfy. The tee is really easy to care for as well, which is an added bonus.

I hope everyone is staying cool out there. July can be a scorcher.


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