“Patiently” Waiting for Saturday

I cannot wait for Saturday! John and I are taking a day trip to the J. Crew Clearance center and store in Lynchburg, VA!!!! I haven’t been to the clearance center since I picked up my wedding dress with my mom back in September. I was in the process of losing weight in September, so I didn’t actually purchase much stuff for myself seeing as I wanted to drop 3 sizes and didn’t want to invest in clothes in sizes I wouldn’t (hopefully) be wearing too much longer. Since September I’ve lost 25lbs and I’ve been itching to go back. The clearance center, kind of like retail J. Crew lately, is hit and miss; I’ll go and want everything or go and find nothing. The best advice I have for someone going to the J. Crew Clearance center is to go with an open mind and not looking for a specific item, general is ok, as in “I want a dress”. The items at the clearance center are random and one never knows what will and will not be there. That being said, I do have quit a long list of stuff I hope is there. I’ve had my eye on more than a few things online and in stores, and while I’m not opposed to buying them in the store, I’d rather get them a little cheaper at the clearance center. I mean, who wouldn’t? Check out a “few” of the things I’m hoping to find on Saturday by clicking HERE. Anyone else have their eye on some fun summer items?

One more thing, J. Crew’s pre-fall line is coming out on Monday and I can’t wait to see it. I know of one pair of shoes that may just have to find a home in my closet. Fall is my absolute favorite season, not just for the weather, but for the clothes and colors as well. My love of fall clothes can really put a hole in my wallet around September and October.




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