10 random facts about myself for no reason at all…

10 random facts about me in no particular order:

  1. I really like stale Cheetos and stale Oreos
  2. I have a really hard time deciding on just one book as my favorite because I love so many, but a few that first come to mind when asked “what’s your favorite book?” are The Odyssey, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Cider House Rules, anything by Anne Perry and Tom Wolfe, Looking for Alaska, and many, many more
  3. I always like the idea of really long hair. But whenever I try to grow mine out past mid bicep ( I can’t think of a better visual point) I get annoyed and cut it.
  4. Sometimes I want brown hair, then realize I don’t want brown hair and I really do like my blond hair.
  5. My favorite trilogy right now is Infernal Devices, I’m obsessed with Henry and Charlotte Branwell and the books in general.
  6. I miss being in undergrad and seeing my friends, Emilie, Hilary, Brian, and Melanie almost every day.
  7. Some of the best friends I have ever made (outside of undergrad) I met when I worked at the J. Crew in RVA. I really miss working there with all of them. We all still talk and a few were even in my wedding and the rest came to the wedding which made my wedding that much more special.
  8. I want to adopt a blind cat, preferably a black one, but I’m not picky
  9. I really love the name/pet name/nickname Lottie; it makes me wish my name was Charlotte so I could be called Lottie.
  10. My favorite flavor is pomegranate

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