Clockwork Angel

I’m trying to write this post without giving too much away. But I really, really do recommend this book. I just ordered the second in the trilogy today.


Clockwork Angel

 I quiet enjoyed this book. I liked that it was fast pace, yet easy to put down and pick up, meaning I read it on my lunch break every day. However, I personally found Tessa to be incredibly annoying, but she is a 16 year old girl. Tessa does not listen and constantly thinks she knows better than the Shadowhunters even though she has no real knowledge or understanding of their world, customs, practices, etc. Her frustrating behavior reminded me a great deal of the 5th or 6th Harry Pottery book when Harry was just so unreasonable. Because of Tessa’s refusal to listen and belief that she knows better, for me, she was a hard character to like. Actually, I didn’t like her in this book, I hope she is better in the second and third books. Charlotte, however, is my favorite character and I hope to see more of her the second and third book. I’ve read blurbs on the two other books and know Tessa will be involved in a romance with Jem and if I had to make a guess, Will as well. But, I hope the two other books in the trilogy do not focus on a romance story, but just keep that as a secondary story line. I want the Shadowhunters, down-worlders, demons, all of that world to remain the focus. I just can’t deal with a YAL romance, haven’t we had enough with the with Twilight series? (I hate the Twilight series, sorry).


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