One Big Headache and Moving

The last few weeks have been one big headache. Our Landlord called us June 2 around 9:30pm and said he promised the townhouse to his daughter and her husband when they sold their house, which apparently they did that day, and we needed to be out by the 30th. Now, John and I had been thinking about moving, but the key word here is thinking. So that night John and I started looking for places. What made everything incredibly frustrating is we had not saved any money for a deposit, pet fees, moving truck, anything because we were not yet anticipating moving.


After looking for a week, John and I found a few places we liked. Since I couldn’t get off work to see any of the places, I had to trust John to check them out. All the places we looked at were through the same rental company, which meant we only had to pay the application fee once, yay! Bad news, apparently this company approves several people for the same place and then whoever gets the deposit and lease to the rental company first gets the place. How messed up is that? Side note, I really believe that one day two people are going to come in at the same time with the deposit and lease for the same place and there will be a fist fight in the office and hopefully that will put an end to creating a race. I mean at least give the first person you approve 48 hours, and then move on to the next potential renter. Anyway, due to this lovely practice they have, John and I lost out on two apartments, but we lucked out and got the 3rd. We will be moving into our new 1400 sqft townhome on July 5th!


Now, if you remember the begging of the post, I said we had to be out on the 30th, yes there is a problem. Unfortunately our landlord has decided to be a jerk about things and is refusing to let us stay until the 5th when our place is ready. There is currently a tenant in our new townhome and we can’t move in until she moves out. What’s even worse is that when John called to see if we could stay until the 5th, he flat out said no because his daughter has to move out of her house and she and her husband and kids have nowhere to go. Well, neither do John and I and due to the large amount of money this move is costing us, we don’t have the money to get a hotel, plus we have 2 cats and a dog and there are not many affordable animal friendly hotels. The big issue I have will all of this is the sudden notice, the lack of compromise on our landlord’s side, and that his daughter and son-in-law should have spoken with us about when we could be out instead of just picking a date with the new family who is purchasing their home to move in on, and has it not dawned on the landlord to tell his daughter to go to a hotel for a few days? I mean, I know people want to give their kids everything, but he is also a business man and this just makes him look like a terrible landlord. I feel bad for his other tenants and just hope none of them are in a townhome that’s larger and his daughter has her eye on. Furthermore, they are creating unnecessary hardship on us. The best part is when she came to do a preliminary walk through of the townhouse she kept commenting on how small it is. Yes, you, your husband, two kids and three large dogs have fun living in a 2 bedroom, 1000sqft townhome you are kicking us out of and now complaining about. AND did I mention that there is no way this woman and her husband are moving into the townhouse on the weekend of the 4th, I just know they won’t. This couple is way too social to move on a holiday. We can easily stay until the 5th, be completely out and they’d still have a week to clean and do whatever before they move in the next weekend. I know I’m whining, but it is putting John and me in a very tough situation where we have nowhere to go for 5 days. Also, because you know it has to get even better, when John tried to talk to the landlord about staying until the 5th because we had nowhere to go, the landlord tried to claim we were breaching the contract by leaving in 30 days instead of 60 days! Umm no dude, not when you kick us out. Plus, our lease ended in May, and since we’d already paid June, our contract, according to NC law, automatically defaults to a new 12 month lease since nothing was discussed and no month to month contract was drawn up. So, he should have given us 60 days. I would have loved to have 60 days instead of 28 days, so if anyone is breeching a contract, it’s him. Fun, fun times.


I rented a POD, has anyone used those before, and all of our stuff will be in there and stored until the 5th when it will be delivered to our new place. PODS are kind of cool, you can rent up to a 16ft container and they deliver it to your home or place of business, then if you need them to, they will store it at their center, and then deliver it wherever you need them to in the US. It’s not that expensive either, I think for the rental, storage for a month and the second delivery fee, we are talking like $235-300. In terms of the new townhome, I am excited for more space, a walk-in closet, a little fenced in patio and yard, a bigger kitchen with an island, a fireplace, tons of stuff. It’s just getting to the 5th that is stressing me out. Since all of our stuff save a mattress, tv, and computers are being packed up today, John and I are going to head over to Edward McKays, one of the most amazing used bookstores ever, tonight, and get a few books for us to read over the next few days. Then, after we move in our next task is to save for a new sofa! I may be more excited for a new sofa, but I can’t say for certain. Hopefully the next I post we will be in our new place unpacking all of our stuff and settling in nicely. Here’s to a chaotic next few days J


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